27 Photos That Were Taken At Just The Right Time

    Things are not always as they seem.

    1. This guy in the buff.

    2. This perfectly framed sunset.

    3. This deer's antlers.

    4. This bird going for a walk.

    5. This elephant making shapes.

    6. This flock of birds, shaped like a bird.

    7. This perfectly cradled moon.

    8. This balancing owl.

    9. This wave that's just about to break.

    10. This chonky snack.

    11. This dog trapped in a bubble.

    12. This three-headed deer.

    13. This strong moustache.

    14. This dog lost in thought.

    15. This sleepy head.

    16. This dad's interesting outfit choice.

    17. This giant alien wreaking havoc.

    18. This headless commuter.

    19. This giant woman, with a slight advantage on the competition.

    20. This lorry carrying a huge load.

    21. This dog's lustrous mane.

    22. This eagle taking a selfie.

    23. This cat thirst trap.

    24. This out-of-proportion dog...

    25. ...and this absolutely massive one.

    26. This hot-headed woman.

    27. And finally, this giraffe munching on a plane.