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    16 Mind Blowing Pictures Of Animals That Will Make You Look Twice

    If you blink, you'll miss them.

    1. This little pika hiding amongst this rocky landscape.

    2. This alligator blending in perfectly with its surroundings.

    3. This common pauraque you would probably never spot, resting on the forest floor.

    4. This cute little pygmy seahorse camouflaged to look like the coral reef.

    5. This giant horned lizard that fits in perfectly with its leafy surroundings.

    6. This arctic fox that fits right in with its snowy landscape.

    7. This pallid scops owl camouflaged against the tree bark.

    8. This yellow crab spider blending into these flowers to hunt its prey.

    9. This nubian ibex whose coat hides it within the rocks.

    10. This green lizard hiding amongst the leaves.

    11. This reef octopus that hides within the seabed.

    12. This giant leaf insect that looks...just like a leaf.

    13. This mountain goat, fading into the rock face.

    14. This arctic hare nestling between the snowy rocks.

    15. This moss frog is pretty much impossible to see.

    16. And finally, this pandercetes celatus spider that will probably give you nightmares.