14 Tweets About Veganism That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

    "Girls be like i want a vegan bf until he starts farting"


    Hi I'm a boomer. You may remember me from such hits as "aww does the widdle millennial snowflake need a safe space because he's so offended". Today I'll be losing my shit because a shop I don't visit is selling a vegan steak bake I am under no obligation to buy.


    That tip on how to make this vegan, is borderline GENIUS


    The vegan sausage rolls are better than the standard ones whether you’re vegan or not and that’s a fact https://t.co/d30VivBNDi


    There are people that are terrified that eating a vegan burger will turn them into a woman



    There are actual grown men saying they won’t go to Greggs any more because of Vegan Steak Bakes. Imagine having masculinity that fragile.



    I’ve been vegan for almost 22 years and I’m still busting fat nuts like a squirrel on steroids. Please take several seats. https://t.co/MrzbAMs8i0


    Two days into 2020 and McDonald's has already pissed off the entire vegan population by offering us mashed vegetables in breadcrumbs as their 'nEw VeGaN oPtIoN' Veganise the chicken nuggets and McFlurrys or don't bother you cowards.


    Vegan steak bake from Greggs is nice. Secret ingredient is pierce morgans fucking tears


    girls be like i want a vegan bf until he starts farting




    My brother has been pronouncing ‘Veganuary’ as ‘vag-anuary’ and I can’t stop laughing. He only realised his pronunciation was off after telling his bemused mother in law that he was going to get stuck into vaganuary this month. Well played 2020. Well played.