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    9 Questions I Have About "The Masked Singer", The Most Insane Show I Have Ever Seen

    What the hell did I just watch?

    This weekend ITV aired their new reality singing competition The Masked Singer, where celebs don outrageous costumes to hide their identify and battle it out to see who is the best singer.

    If you haven't seen it here is a clip from the show:

    As you can see the show is a little bit... perplexing to say the least. Here are a few questions about it...

    1. Firstly, why are these guys the judges?


    Ken Jeong – who you might recognise from the sitcom Community or The Hangover film series, but he was also a judge on the American version of the show (which seems to be the only reason I can think of for him being on this?). He's not exactly known for his singing skills but he is funny, so could be there for comedic value. Ken doesn't seem to know any of the celebs revealed, mainly because they're either British soap stars or one hit wonders.

    Davina McCall – Best known as the presenter for Channel 4's Big Brother with again absolutely no music credentials at all.

    Jonathan Ross – Who made his name as a talk show host and as far as I'm aware has no discernible musical talent, other than having met quite a few musicians.

    Rita Ora – Who I guess has the most validity as far as judging goes as she is a singer herself and has judged as a guest on The X Factor and The Voice UK.

    2. What is with the costumes?


    A hedgehog, a chameleon, a bee with the face of a haunted victorian doll? The costumes are like something out of a fever dream and range from slightly sinister Tim Burton-esque creatures, to ones you might find on a children's show about learning to count.

    3. Like seriously WTF?!


    Light up cyborg lizard VS a Dickensian hedgehog? Why not?

    4. Why do the judges seem to not do any judging?


    They barely talk about the actual singing or the performance. A huge part of the show seems to be the judges simply trying to guess who is behind the mask, like a weird live-action musical of Scooby-Doo.

    5. And why are their guesses about which celebs might be behind the masks so wildly unrealistic?


    This for me is one of the only good parts of the show, watching as the judges guess the likes of Emilia Clarke and Margot Robbie for someone who probably did a long stint on Hollyoaks.

    For example, Ken Jeong thought this duck was multiple marathon winner Paula Radcliffe...


    I mean there is still a very outside chance that it could actually be Paula Jane Radcliffe MBE butttttttt I don't think I'm gonna be putting my life savings on it.

    6. Why are there bouncers to escort the singers everywhere?


    No this is not a scene from Men In Black 3.

    7. Why are the judges so emotional when it comes down to choosing who should be unmasked?


    Davina is actually in bits when it comes to choose between Duck and Butterfly. Look at that pure emotion. THIS IS INSANE!

    8. Why and how is everyone so enthusiastic about a tree singing "It Must Be Love" by Madness?

    I think the thing that shocks me most about this whole thing is how enthusiastic everyone who's not singing is. The judges seem genuinely enthralled and invested in finding out who each contestant is. The audience are chanting and cheering. BUT WHY????????

    9. Why am I so obsessed with this utterly ridiculous, slightly terrifying show?????

    #MaskedSinger might be the absolute worst and trashiest piece of TV ever made and if you think I’m going to waste an hour and a half of my life to find out which B-lister is under the Minster’s mask then you’re absolutely fucking right.

    It doesn't make any sense and is a complete mind-fuck. This being said, I absolutely loved it. It's utter trash but an absolute masterpiece of television-making. I will definitely be tuning in next week.

    Have you seen The Masked Singer yet? What did you think??


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