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    I Punch My Sandwich And So Should You

    This is how to take your sandwich-making skills to the next level!

    Hi, my name is Ben, and for as long as I can remember, I have been punching my sandwiches.

    A few nights ago, I took to Instagram to innocently share my sandwich-punching quirk.

    But some people were shocked and even worried, asking if I was "okay".

    In general though, a lot of people were on board with the idea of it. Some even said they were going to try my technique to see if it works!

    At work the next day, my colleagues were all talking about me going HAM on my sandwich.

    I decided that instead of trying to argue my case, I would let the fists do the talking and get everyone to punch and taste their own sandwiches.

    First up was Josie, and it wasn't good news.

    Josie did have some interesting points though.

    "Unfortunately for Ben, I didn’t see much of a difference. I think using the ends of the loaf was a bit of a mistake, since the bread seemed to bounce back to its original thickness pretty quickly."

    All was not lost. I still had Ayesha and Hanifah to try the punched sandwich...

    ...and as I predicted, THE PUNCHED SANDWICH TASTED BETTER!

    There was one more test to come. A wild card, if you will...

    And lo and behold, even the squishy egg mayo sandwich was a punched success!