People Are Sharing Nonsexual Feelings And Here Are 20 Of The Best

    "Taking off my bra after a long day."

    Yeah, sex is great, but sometimes nonsexual things can feel just as good, if not better! So when Reddit user schrodingers_cat4 asked people "What is the best (nonsexual) feeling in the world?" there were plenty of responses that had me feeling things.

    1. Quenching your thirst.

    "That 2am thirst with that cool water on the bedside table."


    2. Friends — like, real friends.

    "Hanging out with someone where you can just relax and be yourself, rather than have to overanalyse how to fake being a social human."


    3. Finding the name of that earworm.

    "Finding that one song you did not remember the name of but remembered only some of the lyrics."


    4. That fresh-sheet feeling.

    "Being in a soft, warm bed when you're tired and don't have to get up tomorrow."


    5. That unexpected day off.

    "Waking up and thinking you have to work and then realising it’s your day off!"


    6. Being hugged just ~right ~.

    "When you hug someone, then start to let go and they hold on just a split second longer than you do."


    7. That good head rub.

    "Someone else massaging your scalp, with just a teeny-tiny bit of fingernails."


    8. Cancelling plans.

    "Cancelling plans on something you really didn’t want to do."


    9. The perfect sleep.

    "Waking up in the morning with the feeling that you didn’t move once in your sleep — just eight hours of pure, uninterrupted sleep."


    10. When you're dying to go to the toilet and you finally make it.

    "Taking a piss you’ve been holding for far too long."


    11. Fabric-free ankles.

    "Taking off your socks after a long day of work and scratching where the elastic band sat all day."


    12. Getting out that pesky bit of food.

    "Finally getting that piece of food out from between your teeth."


    13. Being all cosy and warm.

    "Curled up in bed and hearing the sound of pouring rain on the roof/outside."


    14. New knowledge.

    "Learning something mind-blowing, especially if it's within a topic you've spent a lot of time thinking about."


    15. Sweet relief.

    "Being able to let out that really big fart you've been holding in for over an hour."


    16. Back rubs.

    "Someone rubbing your back, or the little hand squeezes someone gives you."


    17. Superhuman reflexes.

    "When somebody throws something at you with no warning and you catch it on reflex in one hand like you're some superhuman."


    18. Furry friend.

    "When your cat pats you with her paw, then falls asleep on your hand."


    19. Real freedom.

    "Taking off my bra after a long day."


    20. And finally...number two.

    "Taking a shit. Can be very relieving."


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.