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5 Bizarre Japanese Candies

These probably won't find their way into your Halloween stash, but take a moment to revel in jealousy of what you can not have.

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Kids can get comfortable with the idea of Mt. Fuji perhaps one day spewing sugary goodness all over the land with this DIY candy.


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Old Japanese fishermen in elderly homes like to use this candy as a substitute to the real thing. You can fish a gummy and then cover it in sugary puff sauce, just like in the good old days.


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If Halloween were at all celebrated in Japan, this one would have potential as a prop. It's a kit for making a gummy in the yummiest shape of them all - a nasty black bug. Research is still inconclusive if this may be a gateway candy to eating real bugs.


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Ah, Pandas. Those relaxed creatures of the forest that spend most of their lazy days floating in puddles of dango sauce. You can tell the difference between a male panda and a female one from the red bow females wear. It is not well known, but pandas actually can get very fierce in protecting their mates, sometimes even piercing their competitors with sharpened yellow bamboo sticks.


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As a final demonstration, candy where the primary function is to produce a sharp whistling sound.

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