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    • belleb

      I think it is fun to see them pictures ;-D. After all some of us do want to kind of see some fails of the perfect ppl as well-shame on those who would not admit it. After all-as for me personally.Ithink actions dont lie and whenIsee the women here in actionIknow she does not own her words-whenever she claims she is so sweet and shy and humble- like Jesus ;)-however becameabig billion dollar women and marriedabillion dollar men-LOL ;) whenever she sings something she allegedly would never mean to say or think but sings it anyway with passion ?? WTF?? So yeahIrather stand behindaperson with mistakes and talents who admits to it then some 30something mature and grown women who pretends to still be like teenager-innocent angel when she is just as competitive and fierce and strong going for things like everyone else. E. g. Madonna?! Either way, where would she be if she would have not done it? And that is totally cool and ok. Only she confuses me and gives pplabit ofacut-you hear something said from her in interviews that she does not show to be-and then again what she sings and shows at other times also contradict…So yeah here is some proveIguess. Like in these pics ;) Why doesn’t she teach her way to success to others while prollyalot young women would love to also find courage to take suchaplace in life and fight for it. Only yet their idol like Beyonce-does not tell and prove and tries to hide to them that it is OK to be like that. So great that it came out like in those pictures and all the other girls GO AHEAD and dont bow down ;)!! And yeah Beyonce is from the outside btf from the insideIthink her hiding attitude is bad performance though! JMHO

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