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One Direction Has Performed For The Final Time Before Their Hiatus

You and me, gotta whole lot of History.

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The boys of One Direction are going on a (very needed and well deserved) hiatus in 2016. For a sweet send-off, the boys performed back where it all began: The X Factor.

After performing their new single "Infinity", the guys took a moment to watch a short tribute video. The video was star-studded to say the least.

From David Beckham and James Corden to Little Mix and 5 Seconds of Summer, everyone turned up to wish 1D the very best.

For their second song, the guys sang "History": a song written about the relationship between the guys and their fans. On top of that, a slideshow with old pictures of the guys played in the background. It was a ~bit~ emosh for everyone involved.

And yes, Zayn was included in the photos. *sobs*

And if you weren't already a puddle of tears, the boys just HAD to have a group hug. It was a sappy moment to say the least.

After the show, Liam called their performance "The last part of our first chapter." It was an emotional night to mark the end of an truly phenomenal era. We look forward to many more years of 1D. 😘😘😘

Here's the performance of "History" in full:

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