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A Definitive Ranking Of On-Screen Food Fights

These food fights are everything you wish your high school cafeteria would've been.

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9. This wasn't even a food fight, but Peter Parker's moves to save Mary Jane in Spiderman were worthy of recognition.


Sure, this isn't an actual food fight, but just think of what could've been without Peter's spidey senses coming to MJ's rescue.

6. That time Shrek and Fiona's dad went at it at the royal dinner table in Shrek 2.


Shrek never had the most elegant table manners, but fueled my Fiona's ferocious father's antics, Shrek goes full savage.

5. When Darwin and Eliza ruined their posh prep school's cafeteria in The Wild Thornberrys Movie.


In the early 2000's Nickelodeon world, there wasn't much better than those crazy Thornberrys and this moment secures their mention to this list.

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