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21 Times Harry Styles Proved To Be An International Treasure

This gem turned 21 this month, so let's celebrate him. HARRY birthday, y'all!

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1. When a fan blew him a kiss and he put it in his pocket and saved it for a rainy day.

Update: He also never let it fade away.

2. When he took his final form.

Haz ain't no hollaback girl…

3. When he gave his Oscar worthy performance as Marcel the Marketing Guy.

Hair and glasses? His best #look yet

4. When he fluffed his lushious locks as a choir of angels sang behind him.

The longer you stare, the prettier he gets.

5. When he proved time and time again to be THE biggest fan of pregnant ladies. Like, ever!

Someone give this man a baby!!

6. When he was Starbucks' best customer.

He is such a gift.

7. When his song came on in the club.

(CC: @Kasey Musgraves)

8. When he proved his dance moves are the most superior.

The other boys can't even be bothered to compete with him.

9. When he gave us this life altering piece of advice.

BONUS: finger waving sass

10. When he was enamored with love for a sleeping pup.

Things cuter than Harry = Harry with a pup

11. When he did a little (shirtless) jig with Nialler in his Calvins.

Watch out Biebs

12. When he sported this just rolled out the bed look.

Hazza #wokeuplikedis

13. When he went crosseyed just to look at this 'wittle teeny-weeny bubble.

He is as mesmerized with the bubble as we are with him.

14. When he was an impatient toddler.

*shakes banana behind camera to get him to smile*

15. When he was the goobiest of goobers.


16. When he let everyone in on his little secret.

...says the boy who only posts Instagram photos in black and white

17. When he did his best interpretation of my mom on FaceTime.

BONUS: man bun action

18. When he sported this cuddly look.

Sixteen year old Harry living his best life

19. When he gave us his best princess smile.


20. When he helped support Red Nose Day in Ghana.

BONUS: skipping

21. When he laughed like this.

BONUS: He prob laughs like this while watching Friends. (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now, someone take this gem home to their mum.

Never change, cutie.

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