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15 Signs You're Still A Hardcore Belieber

Beliebers, where are ü now?

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1. Your Netflix history looks like this.

Bella Robichaux

2. You suffered through his whole Comedy Central Roast.

3. You follow this guy on Instagram.

4. You have JB update accounts on notifications.

Bella Robichaux

5. This is your summer jam.

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6. You bought men's underwear because of this.

8. This is still a sore subject for you.

9. You still know the words to the Omaha Mall song.

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10. You recently posted this video on someone's Facebook wall (or your own).

11. Ellen and Justin are still your OTP.

12. This is your date night perfume.

13. You're pissed you never got to be his OLLG (yet).

14. You watched his whole 2015 Wango Tango performance.

15. Your phone case may or may not have looked like this at some point or another (or still does).

This is Justin's world we're just living in it.

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