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    • Bella_M

      If nothing else, her twitter behaviour online would be considered harassment. What’s also worrying is that when she was confronted about her bullying (yes, she was bullying), she said she felt “entitled to”. It’s embarrassing for anyone at any age to behave like a bully/troll online because they can hide behind their online persona. But for a 63-years old woman to do same is telling you that she was not right in the head and had serious mental/emotional issues. I understand wanting to help recover Madeleine or uncover info about her disappearance, but what did this woman think she was accomplishing to harass people day in/out online? Didn’t she have a life? A job? This is not normal behaviour and some of you saying she was just following her “deluded heart” - would you feel same if someone did this and the focus of their tweets was killed? Raped? Murdered? Where do you draw the line? Online bullying and harassment is a problem, and this woman just added to it. It’s sad she’s dead, but…who’s to know the reasons why and until then, it’s weird to defend her clearly disturbed behaviour. Society as a whole has gone off the rails when they try to justify this kind of behaviour!

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