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    41 Winter-Friendly Pieces Of Clothing That Are Best Paired With A Hot Mug Of Cider

    Stay warm and look good doing it.

    1. A ribbed V-neck top with a wonderfully slouchy fit for those fashionable ragamuffin days.

    reviewer wearing the taupe top

    2. A knit sweater dress with color-block sleeves that can be belted or worn loose. Either way, it's gonna look cute under your winter coat.

    model wears belt on grey sweater dress with red sleeves

    3. A lace-lined top you can wear with leggings or pants — either way, you're gonna look adorable.

    various pictures of reviewer wearing the long sleeve top in different colors

    4. A merino sweater with a cutout back for a look that's cozy and a liiiittle bit sexy at the same time. Basically: It's if "Santa Baby" were a piece of clothing.

    5. A darling plaid skirt for a classic look that will make you feel warm just looking at it.

    6. A chunky striped sweater that's already asked me to tell you it thinks you need a cup of hot cocoa ASAP.

    black and white striped sweater

    7. A no-nonsense maxi ready to go to great ~lengths~ to make you look good.

    8. A perfectly loose-fitting collared top that — like everything from Simple Retro — looks like it would be right at home on the set of Thoroughbreds.

    black long sleeve top with white collar

    9. An oversized option with cool Guy Fieri–approved flames to give the appearance of extra toastiness.

    large sweater with purple flames on bottom and sleeves

    10. A swirly cropped sweater vest sure to garner you so many compliments, you'll get tired of saying "thank you."

    black and white sweater vest

    11. An oversized sweater dress for next-level snuggliness that could rival that of a teddy bear.

    12. An outrageously adorable polka-dot cardigan that definitely went to clown school and aced every course.

    yellow sweater with white polka dots and different colors of pompoms attached to the front

    13. A lovely, fall-friendly blouse with lacy balloon sleeves to add an extra wow factor to your look.

    14. Fleece-lined leggings that are so warm and cozy, you'll never want spring to come.

    leggings rolled down to show fleece inside

    15. A casual sweatshirt with pockets that'll make you look as cute as a button.

    reviewer wears shirt and tucks hands into front pockets

    16. A flowy long-sleeve frock you can just throw on and go.

    17. A ribbed knit pencil skirt — it's soft, it's cozy, it's trendy as heck. Why haven't you gotten this yet?

    reviewer wearing the orange midi skirt

    18. A sweater dress with a built-in scarf because we both know it's impossible to keep track of those darn things.

    cable knit sweater dress with small tiny scarf in same color

    19. A cozy cable-knit two-piece set because why wear one sweater when you can basically wear two? Legs likes sweaters too!

    20. A batwing option with cutout shoulders in case you want some ventilation built into your snuggly winter look.

    21. An oversized Sherpa jacket to instantly make any outfit waaayyy snugglier. It may not be the folds of your bed, but it'll do when you need to brave the outdoors.

    fuzzy teddy bear jacket

    22. A chiffon blouse with bubble sleeves that'll have you dramatically gesturing so everyone can get a good look.

    23. A vibrant sweater with puffy batwing sleeves that'll make everyone go, "*Napoleon Dynamite voice* I like your sleeves."

    knit sweater with pleated shoulders

    24. A short cardigan with the perfect amount of slouch. Pair with your best tank or bralette for maximum cuteness.

    reviewer wearing the slouchy gray cardigan

    25. A speckled number for anyone looking to add more whipped cream–inspired pieces to their look.

    a model in a cream colored sweater with speckles on it

    26. A fun sweater-vest dress, because we could all use a little more Gossip Girl style in our lives.

    reviewer wears sweater vest dress on top of collared shirt

    27. A vegan leather (or fuzzy) puffer coat with a diamond quilted pattern that is listed on the Abercrombie website as "warmest" on the warmth scale. That means looking like a snow bunny without freezing your whiskers off.

    28. A fun chore jacket with vibrant pockets that's exactly the kind of cozy wear you need around while braving the cold to go get groceries or walk the dog.

    29. A ribbed turtleneck bodysuit that is *the* key layering piece you absolutely need for any good winter outfit. Consider this the comfy foundation of your wardrobe.

    pink turtleneck long sleeve top

    30. A cool chunky sweater with cute designs like cow pastures, teddy bears, and...murderous geese.

    31. A quilted coat for anyone who wishes they could just wear their sleeping bag out and about.

    long green jacket with square quilt pattern

    32. A pom-pom pullover sweater that's so cute, even puppies will be envious when they see it.

    33. A striped knit sweater proving that a gradient color scheme looks great-ient!

    reviewer wears orange to blue gradient striped sweater

    34. A hooded puffer jacket with — get this — THUMBHOLES IN THE CUFFS!!! High school me would've passed out from happiness.

    35. Or a cropped turtleneck also sporting thumbholes, which is simply one of the greatest defenses we have against the cold.

    Model wearing sweater

    36. A luxuriously cozy-looking loungewear set pretty much made for the WFH life. Wear it while dramatically gliding from room to room between virtual meetings.

    37. A cute plaid skirt to make all your '90s dreams come true (except for your Beanie Baby hoard to ever be worth real money).

    model wears plaid skirt

    38. An oversized sweater you can wear as a top or dress while beelining it over to the nearest winter market.

    39. A cute Peter Pan–collar dress sure to make you happy enough to fly. 

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this dress and the fact that it has pockets made me giddy as heck. Bought two sizes, 16W and 18W, because we all know that plus-sizes aren't always the same. However, these were surprisingly close to accurate. The material allows for a smaller size, because it's very stretchy. So buy a size below your norm, especially if you want it to fit to your shape." —cv

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99 (available in sizes 14–26 and in five colors).

    40. Pleated corduroy pants you'll be sure to throw on every chance you get. They're just that versatile and cute!

    41. A crewneck sweatshirt for lounging by the fire inside or wearing outside on the next creepily warm winter day. 

    reviewer wearing the sweatshirt in blue
    reviewer wearing the sweatshirt in gray

    Promising review: "I love a shirt with pockets since most of my leggings don't have pockets. This fits really well. I have a hard time purchasing plus-size clothes online, but this one fit as expected." —Ashalee

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99+ (available in sizes 14–28 and 28 styles).

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