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    38 Things For Your Desk That Are Basically Too Awesome Not To Buy

    Make coming to work a lot more fun.

    1. Plastic pens that double as silverware for eating lunch at your desk.

    2. Helpful narwhal push pins that'll hold up your notes with their horns.

    3. A dutiful cat who's always ready with Post-Its on hand (paw?).

    4. A string of bunny clips to hop along your pictures and photos.

    5. A tiny Homer Simpson flash drive who's more reliable at retaining information than the character himself.

    6. A giant pencil sharpener that does more holding than sharpening.

    7. And a red Swingline stapler you better hold on to.

    8. Adorable pencils with the faces of woodland creatures.

    9. A TARDIS-shaped trashcan to transport your garbage through space and time.

    10. A dozen cactus-shaped pens that won't prick you when you start writing.

    11. Waving cat paws to help you keep your place in books and important documents.

    12. Beautifully simple pencils for creating rainbow shavings.

    13. A cut-out cork map to show off all the places you've been.

    14. An R2-D2 desk lamp that will light your way through late work nights.

    15. An old fashioned keyboard with the look and feel of a typewriter.

    16. A star-crossed mug that shows the constellations when you add hot water.

    17. A dozen engraved pencils with quotes from everyone's favorite dysfunctional family, the Bluths.

    18. A happy corgi planter for carrying a small plant on its back.

    19. Keyboard stickers that come together to create a work of art right on your laptop.

    20. A set of illustrated Harry Potter stickers you'll want to put on everything.

    21. Sharp miniature pencils to pin up all your notes and pictures.

    22. A perfectly periwinkle desk organizer for lightening up your work area.

    23. Whimsical sticky notes that turn the top of your pages into a rainbow-filled skyline.

    24. A sneaky panda bank able to swipe your change one coin at a time.

    25. A metal wire grid for organizing all your thoughts and conspiracy theories.

    26. A desk organizer to hold your plants and pens in one place.

    27. A giraffe with a really, really long neck that will make you want to measure EVERYTHING.

    28. Various pet-shaped paperclips for keeping all your important notes on furry friends together.

    29. A sloth tea infuser to remind you to take it easy sometimes.

    30. Eight clips that look like fake tape that'll keep your pens and wires in one place.

    31. An intimidating blue octopus mug for staying awake reading Lovecraftian tales.

    32. A set of very relatable pens featuring with pets drinking coffee.

    33. A pineapple flash drive to store all your tropical cocktail recipes.

    34. A glass beaker mug that will make drinking coffee a scientific endeavor.

    35. DIY papercraft pen holders to make you feel like you're on a lavish European vacation instead of stuck at your desk.

    36. A set of four square erasers that let you be a barber while erasing.

    37. A set of pens to make your desk look like a No Face party.

    38. And a beach chair for your phone so it can relax while you do all the work.