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    30 Products That Might Make You Say "OK Now That Is Smart"

    Clever products for the smart shopper (you).

    1. A cast iron grilling pan with room for 22 shrimpies to take your BBQ up a notch.

    a pan with indents for shrimp

    2. Closet organizers that separate your clothing by type, so getting dresses in the morning can be a little easier.

    closet bar with hanging dividers that say jackets, skirts, dress shirts, and t-shirts

    3. A pack of beach bottle holders to keep your brew upright and (sorta) sand-free.

    two plastic holders in the sand

    4. A wall suction that you can fill with peanut butter so your dog will have something to distract themselves with from the unimaginable horror of bath time.

    dog licks bristled widget with peanutbutter stuck to wall while model washes it with bristled hand covering that shoots out water

    5. A grout pen so you can easily cover up unsightly tile grout without having to, you know, scrub them clean.

    6. A liquid eyeliner with a stamp on the other end so you can just ~wing~ it when you want dramatic cat eyes without the drama of trying to draw them on yourself.

    7. A suction tool to help relieve the itchy agony of bug bites by sucking out insect venom, saliva, and other irritants under your skin. Finally, you can go outside after dark again!

    left: i show my arm with a mosquito bite bump, middle: i show the plunger like device, right: a show the bump is now completely flat

    8. A dishwasher magnet so you can know at a glance whether the dishes are clean or dirty. Arguments = avoided. Accidentally eating off a dirty plate = never again.

    hexagonal magnet that says clean and then dirty upside down

    9. An electric wine opener to make popping bottles so easy, you won't let anyone else suffer through the old-fashioned way ever again.

    10. A roll of screen repair tape for quick window fixes so you don't have to replace the whole dang screen every time your cat gets a little scratchy.

    model uses strip of mesh to cover tear in window screen

    11. A digital touch-screen photo frame that can be updated by email. You and other family members can share memories from anywhere in the world.

    the frame

    12. A pair of ceiling fan charms so you know what's going to happen on the first pull.

    ceiling fan with two charms shaped like fan and lightbulb

    13. A waterproof backpack that lets you jump in the kayak with all your gadgets and not even sweat it.

    teal backpack with roll-up top and front clear window pocket

    14. A sweater pill removing stone so you can breathe new life into your old sweatshirts.

    model uses stone on sweater

    15. A cuff-style bracelet with a groove to keep your hair-tie in. Now you can always have one handy without it cutting of your circulation.

    semi-circle bangle with a divot for the hair band to sit in

    16. A purse insert so you can easily move all your belongings from purse to purse.

    17. A handy grabby tool that'll help you finally put on a bracelet all by yourself!

    hand holds long stemmed grabby device to clasp bracelet

    18. A sauce holder to clip onto the air vent of your car so you can dunk your nugs in that sweet sauce, hands-free.

    holder with room for two sauces

    19. A pack of waistband extenders that'll allow you to wear your old jeans that you thought were no longer your size.

    the pants extender

    20. A sandwich cookie holding spoon so you never have to fish your soggy treat out from the depths of your milk ever again.

    reviewer uses handle with hook that holds oreo

    21. A shopping bag strap that can fit up to 10 plastic bags at once. Independence Day is rescheduled to whatever day you decide to buy this!

    22. An oven rack puller so you don't have to risk burning your fingers every time you wanna peek at your pizza.

    hook that pulls oven rack out

    23. A Jetboil backpacking stove that's light and small, making it a great thing to pack on your next hiking trip. You can eat and drink right from the cup it comes with and then store the entire system inside!

    24. A maze-like food bowl so your hungry pup can't inhale their food in two seconds flat.

    dog using labyrinth like bowl

    25. A Legacybox that will digitize all your favorite memories and keep them safe and sound in the cloud.

    box filled with old camera, old photos, tapes, and slides

    26. A pack of dimming stickers to cover annoyingly bright lights without completely covering them.

    27. A teeny-tiny trashcan that fits in your car's cup holder so you have no excuse for all the gum wrappers and tissues littering the passenger seat.

    tiny trash can

    28. A mini heat sealer shaped like a hair waver for lovers of novelty products with a function.

    tiny straightener used to seal plastic wrap shut

    29. Collapsible straws so you can sip and save the planet at the same time. It's not easy being green, but somehow you do it.

    the straws

    30. And a photo frame that works like a clip so you can easily switch out pictures whenever someone betrays you and need to shred their image real quick.

    the frames with polaroids in them

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