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    31 Practical But Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

    For people who have no need for teddy bears.

    1. An electric blanket to keep them warm when you're not around to cuddle.

    2. A "What to Eat" notepad, so you can spend less time bickering about what to get for dinner when you're already too hungry to make decisions.

    3. A pastel accordion document holder to help them organize their life.

    4. A massage pillow for when your massaging hands need a break from rubbing their back.

    5. Or a foot massager with a heat function, for those yapping dogs.

    6. A Tasty Cookbook or One Top so you can stop sending recipe videos to each other and starting making them.

    7. A patterned umbrella to give your partner clear skies every day, no matter what the weather app says.

    8. A giant, ombré wall planner so they can write out your dates in huge, excited letters.

    9. A heart-shaped cooler bag that will keep your drinks cold on your next picnic together.

    10. A wine condom to safely store a bottle for later when they want to take a break to use a more traditional condom. ;)

    11. A cozy headband with built-in headphones so you can give your partner the gift of a good night's sleep, free of your snoring.

    12. A charming, heart-themed tea set for romantic tea parties that can't be ~beat~.

    13. A set of personalized socks to appease your partner after stealing their socks all the time.

    14. A set of coasters with anatomical heart slices for a love that's almost scientific.

    15. A pair of heart-shaped shoe inserts so their heels can be cushioned while you're taking a postdate stroll.

    16. A heat-sensitive pixel heart mug that will give them life when they fill it with hot liquid.

    17. A wooden cutting board you can personalize with up to 12 letters.

    18. A pair of flameless candles that connect to Bluetooth so they can set the mood without the fear of burning down the house.

    19. A set of sea salts from all over the globe for the chef you want to travel the world with.

    20. A warm sweater with heart elbow patches, so they can look like the new professor at Cute University.

    21. An Echo Show — a personal assistant with a tiny screen, so they can see photos, security camera footage, song lyrics, to-do lists, and video calls from you.

    22. A couch caddy, so you can enjoy movie night without spilling popcorn on each other.

    23. A hypoallergenic body pillow that every bed needs.

    24. A pair of matching keychains for nautical pun lovers.

    25. A headphone splitter so you can listen to music at the same time.

    26. A pair of bath bomb hearts packed with rosebuds that they'll love using after particularly thorny days.

    27. A traditional kit for anyone looking for a close shave.

    28. A critter catcher to do the scary deed of catching bugs so the job doesn't always fall to you.

    29. A book filled with illustrations, charts, and maps of the constellations, so your next stargazing trip together can be an informed one.

    30. Cairn — a subscription service that will send them helpful goodies for being in the great outdoors, so you can have even more fun hiking and taking in great views.

    31. An electric wine opener so you two can spend more time imbibing and less time trying to uncork bottles.

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