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    34 Pieces Of Clothing And Accessories That Look Polished But Comfortable

    In case you wanna get dressed up without sacrificing on comfort.

    1. A sweatshirt shift dress for people who refuse to leave their sweats under any circumstances.

    2. A babydoll tee for everyday wear, and I mean like, every single day. It's too cute and versatile to ever put away!

    3. Platform slippers featuring two very nicely dressed French bulldogs. Perhaps some of their good fashion sense will rub off on you.

    4. A faux-turtleneck smock that I bet you'd look really good twirling in.

    5. High-rise joggers that are just a liiiittle fancier than regular sweatpants.

    6. A sleeveless dress (from Uniqlo and Marimekko's collab) for print lovers who appreciate a good pattern.

    7. A polka dot blouse to really round out your wardrobe.

    8. A cropped hoodie featuring an illustration of animals waiting in line. A boring task made better with cute critters? Basically the Animal Crossing of sweatshirts.

    9. A lightweight linen dress that'll keep you cool in temperature and appearance. Just look at those rainbow buttons!

    10. A ribbed long-sleeve top that just looks really sleek and sophisticated. Sometimes a solid color top is all you need.

    11. An easy-breezy linen blouse that'll look equally good with ripped jeans or a fancy pair of slacks.

    12. A simple tank that's ready to audition to become your go-to LBD.

    13. Retro floral pants with ultra wide legs so you can swish swish swish in style.

    14. A wrap maxi dress that's beautiful and comfortable looking. Who said it isn't easy being green?

    15. Striped taper pants for people with unparalleled taste.

    16. A pair of striped drawstring shorts that have vacation and pajama vibes in equal measures.

    17. A belted oversized dress for anyone who wishes they could wear their robe 24/7.

    18. A pair of flats from Birdies, aka the legendary loafers known for their quilted soles that'll cradle your feet like lil' babies.

    19. Tan joggers that'll be like the loungewear version of khakis.

    20. An incredibly adorable colorblock sweater with super long sleeves perfect for keeping your hands nice and toasty.

    21. A tee with lettuce-fringe that's just a little more fun than a regular T-shirt.

    22. A simply wonderful jumpsuit to help you keep it CCC: cool, casual, and cozy.

    23. A jazzy top with dramatic sleeves and a mock turtleneck. It has lots of frou-frou without being too annoying to wear.

    24. A retro sherpa pullover for colder spring days when the wind is out to get you.

    25. A ribbed tank that's a people-pleaser: It goes with pretty much everything.

    26. A pair of slip-ons to make any outfit look super sophisticated. Those pajama bottoms you've been wearing for three days? Suddenly they are upscale palazzo pants.

    27. A safari-inspired skater dress worth faunaing over.

    28. An oversized contrast cardigan for a look that's somehow both sporty and relaxed. Napping is a sport, OK?

    29. A pair of stretchy trousers that feel like leggings but look like fancy work slacks. A miracle, tbh!

    30. A floral blouse to make you feel like you're wearing a peaceful meadow.

    31. A merino wool cardigan that's slightly (and perfectly) cropped to show off your amazing sweatpants.

    32. A knit top you can count on to be your go-to top.

    33. A tiered romper that you'll love so much, you'll forget all about your other clothing. Pants, who?

    34. And a glamorous thee-piece set that'll have you dramatically floating through the halls of your home — martini in hand — in no time.

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