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    26 Inexpensive Pieces Of Bedding You'll Want To Buy ASAP

    Sweet dreams!

    1. A triangle covered duvet cover that's perfect for both kids and adults.

    2. A boho duvet cover perfect for your first dorm room.

    3. A pineapple-patterned duvet cover that may make you hungry the second you wake up.

    4. A set of super simple sheets for no-fuss people who just want the basics.

    5. A shark-infested duvet cover that looks fearsome enough to keep the monsters under your bed at bay.

    6. A fun sheet set featuring some bananas and polka dots, which may lead to some monkeys jumping on the bed.

    7. A playful forest-themed duvet cover for getting as cozy as a log cabin.

    8. An insanely fluffy comforter that you can put into a duvet cover or just keep as-is.

    9. A '90s-inspired sheet set with a fantastic grid design.

    10. A striped duvet cover that you might find Beetlejuice sleeping under (do dead people sleep?).

    11. A furry body pillow cover, for getting some super out-there decor.

    12. A standard quilt that might be a boring purchase, but will definitely be worth it in the long run.

    13. A set of plus sign sheets perfect for getting psyched about math class this semester!!!

    14. A luxurious, fluffy blanket that won't break the bank.

    15. A playful tie-dye duvet cover you might mistake for fluffy clouds.

    16. A furry blanket that looks like you shaved a giant chinchilla to construct it.

    17. A horse head pillowcase perfect for macabre film buffs.

    18. A Southwest quilt that won't look quite right in your room until you invest in a cactus.

    19. A set of sheets depicting sloths doing noticeably un-sloth-like things.

    20. A silk pillowcase that will protect your hair from friction so you can say goodbye to bed-head.

    21. A really affectionate woven throw blanket for getting encouragement from your furniture.

    22. An elegant bird quilt that you and your grandma can agree on.

    23. A custom throw blanket designed by your favorite artist.

    24. A mermaid pillow case for getting decor that will keep you distracted for hours.

    25. A set of super-soft microthread sheets that rival some of the best cotton sheets on the market.

    26. A maternity pillow perfect for anyway who wants to be cradled to sleep.

    Finally get a good night's rest.