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    32 Light Jackets To Wear When Perfect Fall Weather Is Finally Here

    Can we online shop outside today?

    1. A green moto jacket that will make you want to join a tough bike gang that also likes to go to farmers markets and outdoor concerts.

    2. A patterned bomber jacket available in enough designs to please almost anyone.

    3. A fun denim jacket with a cactus patch for some Southwestern flair.

    4. A spellbinding Ouija board jacket you can consult when you want to know how it could be so cool and crisp outside.

    5. A long, elegant duster for making dramatic appearances everywhere.

    6. A No Vacancy bomber jacket that makes up for your vacant stare when you're zoning out in the park.

    7. A vibrant varsity jam with an embroidered tiger so people know how fierce you are.

    8. A pink, furry jacket that a Furby hunter might wear to keep warm.

    9. A super shiny windbreaker to match your sparkling disposition on this super beautiful day.

    10. An oversized denim jacket that looks like it has a lot of pocket space for snacks.

    11. A bright yellow windbreaker to wear while trying out your new paper sailboat outside.

    12. A constellation-themed blazer that even Neil deGrasse Tyson would approve of.

    13. An olive trench perfect for wearing while going on spooky adventures to solve mysteries.

    14. A floral bomber that's pretty much going to dominate your fall wardrobe this year.

    15. An ombre windbreaker for looking as good as the weather right now.

    16. A ruffly dream that will look great in the wind as you're jumping into a fresh leaf pile.

    17. A blue anorak for conjuring up memories of trucking in the '80s.

    18. A denim jacket with a red faux fur collar to wear while auditioning to play in a Muppet band.

    19. A cropped floral piece that says "I'm ready for business and also some apple cider."

    20. A denim vested hoodie to wear while taking your dog for the longest walk of their life.

    21. A tropical kimono for people excited for fall but not ready to totally let go of summer.

    22. A rainbow transparent jacket that you can really only get away with wearing when it's still a little bit warm out.

    23. An unusual anorak to wear while Halloween costume shopping.

    24. A Pixies-inspired denim jacket that asks an important question.

    25. A patterned jacket for brightening up any outfit.

    26. A metallic zip-up that looks close enough to tinfoil that it might protect you from the government reading your thoughts.

    27. A classic, no-nonsense denim jacket for people who just want something reliable.

    28. A starry cutie to match all the stargazing you're going to be doing outside (where it's SUPER nice out).

    29. A color block windbreaker that blocks both colors and wind.

    30. An earth-tone utility field jacket for enjoying a nice stroll in.

    31. An olive military jacket worth writing home about.

    32. A drapey piece that's pretty much a robe you can wear outside.

    It's 68 degrees and sunny. Do you know where your jacket is?