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35 Funny Products That Might Coax An Audible “Heh” From You

Silly items that will provide some comedic relief. Maybe not a full LOL, but definitely a tiny chuckle.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A set of LED light saber chopsticks to make fights over the last dumpling extra dramatic.

dueling glowing lightsaber chopsticks over a bowl of rice

2. A giant tongue so you can get really intimate with your cat.

model licks cat with plastic pronged tongue

3. A pair of hoodie-adorned dolls you'll have a ton of fun posing and cuddling up with.

long limbed doll with banana like hoodie on head

4. A miniature wacky waving inflatable tube man — you can learn some great moves from this guy.

small wacky waving inflatable tubeman on desk

5. A Shrek toothpaste cap to make all your TikTok dreams (or nightmares?) come true.

6. And a Shrexy patch to honor the internet's favorite thirst trap.

black heart patch that says shrexy

7. A book on fashion cats from Japan's #1 cat tailor. If you don't get tons of style inspiration from this, then what are you even doing?

cover of book with cat in fancy clothing

8. A toilet keychain with a liftable lid, because losing your keys can be so shitty.

tiny toilet keychain

9. A matching bonnet set for you and your cat because you both wanna protect your hair while taking long cat naps.

model poses with cat, both wearing matching pink bonnets

10. A keychain shaped like a classic Ikea bag sure to either bring back fond memories of eating Swedish meatballs or horrible flashbacks to melting down in the outrageously long checkout line.

tiny blue ikea bags with credit cards and car keys inside

11. A "swarm of chickens" dice set featuring a hen D20, six chick dice, and one egg die. Now you can be annoying and say "oh, cluck no!" whenever you roll a critical fail.

the dice with white chicken in one,  a speckled egg in one, and six yellow chicks in the others

12. A pack of squishy narwhal toys you'll make a point of squeezing every day.

13. A fun book filled with comics that tell you what you already know: Cats are weird.

book called cats are weird with illustrations of cats doing weird things like licking shoes and rolling around the floor

14. A squirrel bungee cord so you can introduce your local fauna to extreme sports.

15. A box of bubble wrap sheets to proudly display wherever someone more sensible might put a tissue box.

sheet of bubble wrap being pulled from box

16. A Gummy Venus de Milo iron patch that I STRONGLY suggest you iron onto the seat of your pants.

patch shaped like a gummy venus de milo statue sewn onto the back of jeans

17. A pair of fish-shaped sandals for fisherfolk, marine biologists, aquarium lovers, and anyone who appreciates a weird but cool accessory.

18. A decal for your mirror in case you need a little Kris Jenner-style encouragement to start your day.

mirror that says you're doing amazing sweetie

19. A guide book to the flatulence of the animal kingdom. Do salamanders fart? Look it up!

a sample page that shows that birds don't fart

20. A doormat so your guests know you're still missing Vine.

door mat that says hi welcome to chili's

21. A Nintendo desk lamp that recreates Mario smacking a question block with his little jump move. It doesn't make any noise, but that's OK, you can provide your own.

question block lamp shade with mario charm on the pull cord

22. A hen purse you shouldn't chicken out of buying.

23. A sullen cat candle worth hanging out with on your bad days because misery loves company.

pouting cat candle

24. A pair of socks featuring Kevin spilling chili that you can look at for comfort whenever you think you had a day.

socks with kevin spilling chili on them

25. An infectious disease coloring book oozing with hours of gross relaxation. This purchase is nothing to sneeze at.

26. A burger bicycle bell for biking in the neighborhood or making late-night trips to McDonald's.

burger shaped bike bell

27. A tote bag from the Bobby Hill Self Defense Dojo so you can confidently yell "that's my purse! I don't know you!" whenever you're in a jam.

tan tote bag that has bobby hill from king of the hill kicking a bully in the groin with the words bobby hill self defense dojo

28. And some Dale Gribble pocket sand that'll help you get out of uncomfortable situations. Sh-sh-SHAA!!

bag of sand that says rust shackleford's pocket sand with a picture of dale gribble from king of the hill

29. A simple black mug with an important secret message that reveals itself when you add a hot drink.

30. A sweatshirt featuring the — quite frankly — iconic words that will bring you one step (out of many) closer to finally getting your hands on the Krusty Krab formula.

a sweatshirt that says ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

31. A helpful guide on teaching your dog relativity, something that Fido really should know by now.

the book cover

32. A small or giant plush for the worm-on-a-string-loving teen in your life. Dear Gen Z, why do you love these squiggly pals so much?

33. An ironic Dracula garlic crusher ready to mince several cloves with a simple twist of his head. I'd wager this is easier to clean than a traditional garlic press AND it's cute.

One garlic crusher that's shaped like a tiny vampire and another of the same crusher with the lid, which is shaped like a vamprie head, removed to reveal crushed garlic inside

34. A pet moss ball that comes with a teeny-tiny cowboy hat, because accessorizing is so important. OK, let's get it out of our system: Yeehaw!

floating moss ball with tiny cowboy hat

35. How to Appear Normal at Social Events — a very important book detailing all the ways you can hide your shrieking weirdness.

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