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    32 Fun Beauty Products You'll Wanna Impulse Buy Right Now

    Yawning every time you sit down to do your look? Try mixing it up with one of these fun products!

    1. A tropical eye shadow palette for a mini vacation splurge that costs way less than say, a plane ticket.

    2. A bottle of lil' nibs filled with keratin hair treatments for an extra shot of hydration on-the-go.

    3. A pair of AM and PM whitening toothpastes to help you get the bright smile you've always wanted. The AM tube is bright blue to help counteract the yellow (and it just looks cool).

    4. A subscription to Function Of Beauty, a service that mails you custom shampoo and conditioner in a ton of fun colors. Oh, and stickers! Gotta love stickers.

    5. Haruharu Wonder cream that comes in a coffee cup-shaped container probably because it can leave your skin feeling so refreshed.

    6. A pack of heart and star-shaped pimple patches so zapping painful zits can feel like a Kindergarten crafting session.

    7. A travel cosmetics kit with juuust enough mascara, lipstick, and BB cream to keep you going on a long weekend.

    8. A pack of gold eye patches with snail essence for an Au-some way to relax and maybe diminish some dark circles.

    9. Two pairs of foot peeling masks so you can shed your dead skin like a snake and emerge a new-footed person.

    10. A tube of glittery sunscreen to help motivate you to stay safe (and glittery) this summer.

    11. A bottle of animal cracker-scented shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath so your whole body can feel like a sugary treat.

    12. A bottle of Peach & Lily Glass Skin serum that wants to make your skin as smooth as glass. It's made with peach extract and niacinamide to help calm redness and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

    13. A set of coffee sheet face masks for a relaxing routine you'll like a latte.

    14. A color-changing lip balm with a teeny-tiny flower inside.

    15. A bottle of semi-permanent hair dye, because life is short and your hair would totally look cute in pink or green.

    16. Or hair chalk for getting a bold and impulsive change, without any permanent consequences.

    17. Dr. Jart's rubber mask shaker so your face can be as smooth as the baby face on the packaging.

    18. Aquaphor ointment body spray because we know you're too lazy to moisturize your body the traditional way.

    19. A — quite frankly, delicious looking — coconut coffee scrub and cleanser stick that can brighten and hydrate your sleepy skin.

    20. Microfiber towels capable of erasing all your makeup with JUST WATER. Witchcraft or the height of human innovation?

    21. A lavender coconut shampoo bar with hemp seed oil and coconut milk to keep your locks nourished and the environment happy.

    22. A black sugar strawberry mask meant to exfoliate and moisturize. Oh, and smell good!

    23. A container of Belif's Aqua or Moisturizing Bomb featuring a cute arctic creature on the top so you can feel cool and refreshed before you even put the cream on.

    24. A fruit-shaped hand cream I think you'll find just peachy.

    25. A polar bear eye stick that can help with those puffy eyes since it seems like allergy season is never going to end?!

    26. A cat-eared headband for a purr-fectly adorable start to your skincare routine.

    27. A pack of wine bottle-shaped lip tints so staining your lips with vino can be totally intentional for once.

    28. A Supergoop! Glow Stick you can easily apply to your face so you can get back to your intense game of beach volleyball in record time.

    29. A liquid eyeliner with a stamp on the other end so you can just ~wing~ it when you want dramatic cat eyes without the drama of trying to draw them on yourself.

    30. A glimmery lip balm that reacts to your pH level to give you a unique shade of pink that's just for you.

    31. A 36-pack of scrunchies so you can accessorize with a different one each day. Bonus: They're more gentle on your wrists than a traditional hair tie.

    32. And an avocado with a pit full of lip scrub. Consider all other boring lip products (avocado) toast.

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