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    28 Food-Themed Things For Anyone Who's Always (ALWAYS) Hungry

    Stuff you can't eat (even if you wish you could).

    1. Measuring spoons that will make baking easy as (cherry) pie.

    2. A sandwich bowtie for people who want to ham it up at their friend's wedding.

    3. A pair of matching sweaters for you and the friend who completes you.

    4. A food journal so you can reminisce about all your favorite meals, like that one really good cheesesteak you had last week with the perfect cheese to meat ratio.

    5. A giant burger pillow sure to give you delicious dreams.

    6. A briefcase grill for people who think barbecuing is serious business.

    7. A fruit slice cooler bag so you can keep your drinks cool for the summer.

    8. An avocado pool float that would be a pit-y to miss out on this beach season.

    9. A shrimp or croissant neck pillow for taking delicious naps while traveling.

    10. A darling tobacco pipe that's absolutely radishing.

    11. A tortilla swaddle and cap for when your food baby becomes a REAL baby.

    12. A pack of Jelly Belly lip balms so you can feel like you just ate some 'beans whenever you want (without the cavities).

    13. Macaron bath bombs for anyone who's ever wished they could bathe in desserts.

    14. A helpful notepad you can fill in so no meal is left to chance.

    15. A food-patterned dress, because if you can't play with your food, at least you can wear it.

    16. A pizza nightlight to light your way to the fridge for your midnight snack.

    17. A hydrating balm with all the sweetness of caramel but none of the stickiness.

    18. A realistic popcorn pin for people who go to the movie theater just for the concessions.

    19. Cookie Sutra — a book perfect for couples looking to (ginger) spice up their love life.

    20. A pizza pouch, because sometimes you need both your hands free to properly gesticulate about how much you love food.

    21. A peachy duvet cover you'll be pining for.

    22. A squeaky pet toy that will make both you and your dog really hungry.

    23. An alphabet onesie to introduce your child to the joys of food early.

    24. A teeny-tiny bowl of ramen you don't want to miso out on.

    25. A kitchen towel that beets all the competition.

    26. A pair of doughnut slippers we have a ~sprinkling~ that you might enjoy.

    27. A French fry purse so you can have some spuds to match your duds.

    28. A pair of pasta holders to use when your oven mitts are too farfalle away.

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