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    25 Dresses That Are *Perfect* For The Next Warm Day

    These dresses laugh in the face of hot weather.

    1. A trapeze dress you don't have to do mental acrobatics to reason buying. It's p much a steal!

    2. A dino-mite skater dress that owl reckon is the perfect piece for any season.

    3. Or a collared dress for people who need something doggone adorable in their life.

    4. A wrap skater dress that looks comfy enough to just wear at home.

    5. A bodycon pencil dress because you can alwaaaays use another LBD.

    reviewer wearing the black midi dress

    6. A tied pencil dress perfect for looking super profresh on conference calls.

    7. A polka-dotted sweetie to really round out your wardrobe.

    reviewer wears dress with white polka dot

    8. A pink lace skater dress you should be careful wearing because people are gonna chase you down the street and ask you where you got it.

    mini dress with quarter sleeves

    9. A classic A-line dress that's absolutely timeless (and season-less).

    10. A ruffly polka dot number you'll put into heavy rotation this summer and then keep it there for every other season.

    model wears ruffly polka dress in green

    11. A slouch maxi dress for a high fashion look with casual comfort. And bonus: pockets!

    neon green dress with scoop neck and tie waist

    12. A belted collared frock that comes in a variety of colorful prints. Gotta love options!

    13. A sleeveless shift dress simple enough to use as a blank canvas for all your fab accessories.

    14. Or an equally flowwy option with sleeves, in case it gets a little chilly at night.

    15. A mini gingham number ready to go on all your adventures with you.

    16. A maxi dress ready to be worn with sandals now and boots later when we finally have to say goodbye to the warm weather.

    reviewer wears long short sleeve dress

    17. A color-block tee dress for anyone who could never settle on one single color to wear.

    oversized shirt in blue, pink, and yellow

    18. A shift dress with cut-out sleeves you'll never give the cold shoulder to.

    19. A splurge-worthy mini dress with open sides to catch some cooling breezes on those super hot days.

    white mini dress with cut outs under the arms

    20. A romantic puff-sleeve pastel maxi dress perfect for promenades through the garden.

    21. A tiered tank dress that looks like it allows some serious airflow. Break this out on particularly hot days and enjoy the breeze!

    tank midi dress

    22. A wrap dress in a wonderful tropical print ready for your next beach trip. I can hear the seagulls already.

    long green dress with flowers

    23. A pearl-dotted skater dress you won't be able to clam up about.

    24. A swing dress so you can swish your way through every occasion.

    25. And a suspender dress so you can layer it with your favorite shirt without totally covering it up.

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