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    36 Delicious Foods And Snacks You'll Want To Order Online Right Now

    *sits next to the door with a full table setting while waiting for the delivery to arrive*

    1. Extra-large Hi-Chew Fruit Chews in strawberry, mango, green apple, and grape flavors sure to steal your heart and become your new favorite 🍬. Buying 'em in bulk will save you a ton of cash in the long run. Trust me. ::quietly unwraps my thirtieth Hi-Chew of the day::

    reviewer photo of Hi-Chew bag placed next to a dollar bill to show how large the bag is

    2. Instant oatmeal cups that are a step above the goop you were forced to eat as a kid. No offense to Larry (yes, that's the Quaker Oats' mascot's name), but these vegan blends are gonna revolutionize your breakfast. With flavors like toasted coconut, tart cherry, and blueberry almond, you'll wonder how you ever settled for anything else.

    stack of oatmeal cups that look like ice cream pints

    3. A two-pack of Medjool dates some might refer to as "nature's candy." These sweet treats taste like caramel but are high in fiber, packed with potassium (move over bananas), and have no added sugar. Also, I just wanna say that the packaging is super adorable! Not always important for snacks, but not not important, you know?

    4. And a tasty syrup made with just dates (that's it!) to add some sweetness to your coffee, tea, breakfast, etc. Thanks, dates!

    bowl of yogurt and bananas with dark date syrup drizzled on it next to the squeeze bottle that says just date syrup

    5. Japanese Daifuku Mochi, which reviewers swear are sold at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot. These are sure to give your taste buds the thrill of their l-i-f-e: This particular kind has cream and strawberry jam filling, plus a light sprinkling of powdered sugar.

    6. Modern Table mac 'n' cheese that's such a convincing gluten-free and vegan pasta alternative, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner.

    bowl of mac and cheese

    7. A subscription to Universal Yums, a service that will send you themed boxes of international snacks. Your taste buds are gonna be sooooo well-traveled.

    snacks from the UK in a box

    8. A jar of Momofuku's famously delicious chili crunch to give all your meals an extra sizzle. Buying multiple jars is strongly recommended.

    jar of chili flake oil

    9. Candy Club — this might be the bane of your dentist's existence, but will be your favorite service of all time. Monthly candy shipments? Who are you, Willy Wonka?

    six jars of candy in a box

    10. A bag of cheddar cheese powder to help you achieve the boxed mac 'n' cheese you've been craving, even if you're trying out pasta alternatives at the moment.

    bowl of really cheesy looking mac and cheese next to the bag of powdered cheese

    11. A DIY hot pot kit with all the essentials you need to recreate the experience at home. You can add the whole kit to your cart or just pick which elements you want (things like Sichuan hot pot base, noodles, red Thai chili, baby bok choy, purple sweet potatoes, and even beef short ribs).

    all the ingredients that come in the kit

    12. A Royal Dansk tin that *le gasp* is actually packed with buttery shortbread cookies as opposed to sewing supplies. Your morning coffee won't know what hit it.

    13. A bag of chili-dusted watermelon gummies for a sweet treat with a spicy kick. I can see the commercial now: First they're sweet, then they're setting your tongue on fire.

    sticky watermelon gummies with chili powder

    14. Some vegan hot dogs and bratwursts just begging to be brought home and thrown on the grill. These plant-based, hand-rolled "sausages" are sure to be a hit with vegans and carnivores alike.

    two packs of sausages with colorful packaging

    15. A colorful bag of Asheville popcorn (white cheddar and salted caramel) because who doesn't enjoy a good salt and savory combo? This particular treat comes from a small North Carolina business called Poppy and has a charming illustration by Annie Riker.

    ziploc bag with bear mountain bus cardinal and other illustrations related to asheville

    16. Loretta's NOLA gift basket, a selection sure to make your heart pitter-patter when you realize it comes with fresh pralines, decadent cookies, praline sauce, Cafe Du Monde coffee, and flavored pecans.

    the gift basket

    17. No Sugar Aloud — a sugar- and gluten-free brownie mix that's already divvied up into baking cups for easy and fast treats that everyone can enjoy. Not everyone has the ability to whip up a single baked treat on command like Annie from Bridesmaids, even though we all wish it so.

    the cooked brownie in a tin with peanut butter and chocolate chips and peanuts on top

    18. A Daily Harvest delivery if you often skip lunch in the name of "productivity" — because preparing meals in the middle of a workday feels really damn distracting. I feel that. I live that. Simply stock up on frozen flatbreads, smoothies, soups, and market bowls that are a delicious (and easy) way to get in your fruits and veggies.

    a sweet potato flatbread with kale and coriander

    19. A pack of *~stuffed~* strawberry shortcake cookies reminiscent of everyone's favorite fruity ice cream pop. These things are so unfairly delicious, there's a chance you'll bite your own finger from wolfing these down so fast.

    vanilla cookies with pink centers and pink and white crumble on top

    20. Samyang Jjajang hot chicken ramen, a delectable noodle choice boasting over 1,000 positive reviews thanks its slurpable texture, amazing flavor, and extreme heat. Some reviewers say this is a taste you'll never forget. Are you sold yet? Because... *adds to cart*

    noodles in thick bean sauce in front of the green package with chicken on it

    21. A TokyoTreat box, curated snackies imported from Japan that include the likes of everything from DIY candy kits and peach parfait KitKats to ginger tempura chips and the iconic Asahi Melon cream soda.

    22. Blue Diamond gourmet almonds sprinkled with a black truffle seasoning best described as divine. These are — and I can't stress this enough — the epitome of love at first bite.

    the bag of truffle almonds

    23. A bag of brown sugar candied bacon so tasty, it'll likely haunt your dreams for weeks to come. Better stash some under your pillow for a midnight snack, just to be safe.

    jar with bacon in it

    24. A Cadbury chocolate box stuffed to the brim with 10 delicious, full-sized bars (including the beloved dairy milk caramel bar). Plus, they're shipped from the UK so your taste buds will feel like they're riding the tube past Big Ben with every bite.

    10 different chocolates

    25. A variety-pack of A Dozen Cousins pre-seasoned beans here to take your meal from drab to gourmet in 60 seconds or less — simply toss one of these bags in the microwave and voila! Dinner is served and you barely had to try.

    26. A necessary helping of Swedish fish for a delicious sugar fix to catapult you through yet another mid-afternoon Zoom meeting. (And an important FYI that the v. photogenic box was designed by Swedish Artist, Simon Straat.)

    the Swedish Fish candy box

    27. A six-layer vanilla cake by Carlo’s Bakery (*cough* the one from Cake Boss *cough*) piled high with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles for the only dessert that matters, honestly.

    the cake with rainbow sprinkles

    28. A green hot sauce that harnesses the power of avocado to add a much-needed kick to your food.

    29. A pack of hazelnut chocolate cookies with actual grins on their faces. Truly a snack that smiles back.

    square sandwich cookies with smiles

    30. Farm-fresh jams from The Grounds of Alexandria, a former Sydney pie factory converted into a bustling garden. Decadent flavors like strawberry and vanilla bean, blueberry and violet, and raspberry and rose are sure to change your breakfast toast (and life) forever.

    three jars of jam

    31. An ice cream pint from Crank & Boom, a Lexington, Kentucky-based ice cream shop started by a husband-and-wife duo. This spot ~churns~ out decadent handcrafted ice cream in ultra unique flavors — think blackberry and buttermilk, Bourbon and honey, and strawberry balsamic sorbet.

    a pint of blueberry lime cheesecake ice cream

    32. A Bushwick Kitchen Bees Knees available in four delicious flavors — because you thought your meal was already good, but think again. Wildflower honey infused with extra ingredients like citrus and habanero peppers will make your tastebuds feel like they haven't been *living* until now.

    33. A gift assortment of Popbar hot chocolate sticks that'll upgrade your favorite cozy beverage into something slightly more luxe than Swiss Miss (no shade to Swiss Miss).

    the Popbar hot chocolate sticks

    34. A delicious macaron available in variety packs *and* individual flavors, of which there are a ton: Think colorful circles inspired by animal crackers, birthday cake, cookie butter, honey lavender, and more.

    reviewer holding up macaroon

    35. The Majority Box, a curated kit of delicious foodie gifts from Black artisans based in Memphis, Tennessee. You'll get seven items (plus free Memphis swag!) that include blueberry lemongrass jam, butter cookies, blackening seasoning, and more items that are too difficult for me to write about whilst I eat this flavorless salad.

    the box of food gifts

    36. A delectable gift from Callie's Hot Little Biscuit to bring a piece of Charleston into your own kitchen. Buttermilk biscuits, sharp cheddar biscuits, toasted maple biscuits, a biscuit of the month club — the list goes on, as does my drool.

    hand holding biscuit with bacon and eggs inside

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