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    38 Completely Adorable Patterned Dresses To Wear This Summer

    Because solid colors are boring.

    1. A unicorn-covered dress that's downright magical.

    2. An adorable dress for letting out your inner cat lady.

    3. A '50s-style swing dress that comes with a little white belt.

    4. A fierce looking dress to channel your inner Disney villain.

    5. A spooky skeleton cat dress that you don't even have to wear on Halloween.

    6. A leafy swing dress you'll look great in while enjoying a piña colada.

    7. A celestial dress that's perfect for stargazing in.

    8. A flowy floral dress you'll want to wear all summer.

    9. A navy dress that's really illuminating when you turn off the lights.

    10. A baby blue dress that's a real looker.

    11. A prehistoric look that'll be a hit at your next museum visit.

    12. A Sailor Moon dress perfect for fighting crime in the name of the moon.

    13. A magnetic frock with a cut-out and tie to spark the attention of everyone when you wear it.

    14. A rockabilly look with classic cherries to wear to the malt shop.

    15. A button shirt dress you're going to feel starry-eyed for.

    16. A Disney dress that will be a whole new item for your wardrobe.

    17. An off-the shoulder-maxi-dress that's covered in tiny watermelons and polka dots.

    18. A pin-up dress covered in pin-up models and dresses that could have been designed by Xzibit.

    19. A tasty looking cold shoulder dress covered with lots of cold goodies.

    20. A crimson A-line dress that has mermaids and jellyfish swimming all over the seams.

    21. An off the shoulder skater dress with puff sleeves covered in palm trees perfect for casual days.

    22. A perfectly pink collared shirt dress that's covered in little strawberries that might make you hungry all day.

    23. An elephant-covered frock that looks like a tapestry turned dress.

    24. A retro-style dress covered in flamingoes with an adorable belt that ties into a bow in the back.

    25. A perfectly geeky dress that's decked out with starbursts and spaceships from Star Trek.

    26. A shift dress covered in foxes to wear when there's no real woodland creatures to commune with.

    27. A backless skater dress that's perfect for super hot summer days.

    28. A handmade navy dress with anatomical hearts perfect for cute, off-the-clock doctors.

    29. A very long shirt that can be worn as a dress if you get a big enough size.

    30. An off-the-shoulder skater dress with a perfectly simple geometric design.

    31. A maxi dress covered in monstera leaves to make you feel like a Tumblr post come to life.

    32. A strappy tropical number for looking as hot as the weather outside.

    33. A wonderful belted dress with a whole swan romance unfolding on the skirt.

    34. A tropical sleeved frock you'll pack for very vacation.

    35. A form-fitting swing dress that looks like a mid-century cookbook exploded all over your outfit.

    36. A junior's dress with sleeping kittens all over it.

    37. A retro swing dress worth tweeting about.

    38. A stretchy skater dress that's an actual work of art.