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    26 Beautiful Things From Amazon You Won't Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off Of


    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lens ball to help you take next-level photos.

    Just remember that this thing is basically a round magnifying glass, so keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid burning anything nearby.

    Promising review: "Seriously so impressed with this little crystal ball. I absolutely love it. Took it out with my iPhone tonight (got it this evening) and took the attached shots." β€”Joshua Sorenson

    Price: $34+ (available in two sizes)

    2. A cactus humidifier, because your desk place doesn't have to feel as dry as a desert, even if you'd like it to look like one.


    Promising review: "This humidifier is absolutely adorable. I purchased it to put near my houseplants that needed some extra humidity. It looks adorable near them and I can already see a difference in my plants after just a weeks worth of turning it on once a day." β€”MeganFromLV

    Get it from Amazon for $14.89 (available in four colors).

    3. A pack of eight gold-colored metal straws so you can cut down on trash and look good doing it. And seriously, what's more beautiful than keeping plastic straws out of sea turtle's noses?


    It comes with both straight and bent straws, plus two brushes for easy cleaning.

    Promising review: "I love these straws! They are long enough for any of my tumblers, both 20 ounce and 30 ounce. If I decided to get a 40 ounce, it would fit that too. The bent straws are at a perfect angle. The straight straws are great too. I mostly love how the liquid is cold all the way to my mouth, and no nasty plastic taste or feeling. Also no dish detergent taste or smell. Don't hesitate to get these." β€”Bekka

    Price: $9.99+ (available in two lengths)

    4. A rhinestone-encrusted snake bracelet you'll be ~hissed~ you didn't buy if you don't get it immediately.


    Price: $10.80

    5. An art nouveau coloring book with all the flowers, stars, and swooping designs your colored pencils could ever want. The mix of small details and larger blank areas make it perfect for different levels of coloring.


    It comes with 30 pages that can be torn out later if you want to hang up your finished masterpieces.

    Promising review: "I have dozens of coloring books and this is my all time favorite. Gorgeous designs, well printed the pages take colored pencils well. I may buy a second, I love it that much." β€”West Coast book lover

    Price: $5.99

    6. A pair of glass vases beautiful enough to steal the spotlight from any flowers you put in them.


    Price: $21.99

    7. A patterned cardi ready to make every outfit your favorite outfit.


    Promising review: "This duster is a versatile piece that works as the perfect cover-up over jeans or a strapless dress. The colors are vibrant and the fabric is light and fluid. I feel like a bohemian goddess as the duster waves in the wind behind me as I walked. If you're into the bohemian look, you'll be pleased with this one." β€”SS

    Price: $7.99+ (available in sizes S-5XL and in 23 prints)

    8. A glass water bottle pretty enough to possibly convince you to actually stay hydrated.


    *takes a sip of water in the most showy way possible so everyone sees my new water bottle*

    Price: $16.98+ (available in two patterns and two sizes)

    9. A pair of foil-stamped notebooks you're sure to take a shine to.


    Promising review: "This is a drop-dead lovely couple of notebooks. I've had one bumping around in my bag for a couple weeks now, and I'm surprised by how well it handles the rough ride. Love it." β€”LeAnn

    Price: $12.95

    10. A monstera ring sure to leaf you speechless.


    Price: $16.99 (available in two finishes)

    11. A pack of rainbow playing cards so every hand could be a great-ient one.


    Price: $10.64

    12. A champagne-colored S'well bottle that can keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for longer. What an Au-some thing to keep around!

    Promising review: "Love it. Mainly bought to use when I go on long bike rides as I had not found a bottle that kept water cold. But I use for other things, too. We had a picnic and put cold water on on around three in the afternoon and left on counter until next morning around ten p.m. It was still ice cold." β€”LVISOCAN

    Price: $27.97

    13. A blooming tea for anyone who expects a good show out of their beverages.,

    The pack comes with 12 different flavors: Heart Bouquet, Jasmine Lover, Golden Oasis, Floral Passion, Sunset Love, Fairy Lily, Eternal Love, Rising Spring, Shooting Star, Fireplace Bloom, Dancing Leaves, and Enchanting Beauty. Pair it with a glass teapot or pitcher.

    Promising review: "I am completely hooked on blooming/flowering teas. I was raised by British parents, so I grew up drinking English Breakfast Tea (which is still delicious), but I found that the milk and sugar I added to it were not always pleasing to my body later on. The flowering tea is extremely refreshing to drink at any time of day and each bloom provides up to three steeps. I usually just fish my bloom out of the teapot with some small tongs and then place it in a little container in the fridge. I also enjoy the variety of teas in this set and just love watching the flower 'bloom.' Also, drinking this tea has given me an excuse to use some of my fancier tea cups so I can pretend I'm relaxing at Downton Abbey." β€”Sarah Johnston

    Price: $19.95

    14. A brass and glass makeup brush holder filled with pearls to keep everything upright. This is easily the fanciest thing you could ever put on your vanity.


    Price: $19.99

    15. A disco ball-inspired face mask so you can feel like you're the life of the party, even if you decided to stay home and pamper yourself instead.


    Promising review: "I really, really like this mask. When you apply the mask to your face it looks like shimmering pearls. What I really like about the product is that it is a peel-off mask. Depending on thickly you put the product on your face it only takes 20-30 minutes to dry. That sounds like a long time but it is worth the wait. When you peel this off your face and then do a final rinse your face feels and looks wonderful." β€”Grandma Fran

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    16. A speckled enamel cocktail shaker set for a camping chic look in your kitchen.


    The 26 ounce shaker comes with a standard jigger.

    Price: $23.09

    17. A cozy and pretty blanket you'll be over the moon for, especially when you find out it's glow in the dark!


    Promising review: "HOLY TOLEDO. If you love space and you love glow in the dark stuff THIS BLANKET IS HECKIN AWESOME. <3 Pro tip: If you buy the blanket and wanna see it REALLY glow, just charge up some of the stars/moons with your cellphone flashlight and BAM, BEAUTY. Love this thing, never letting it go." β€”beesknees

    Price: $25.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors)

    18. A pair of round, rhinestone-adorned sunnies to bring some sparkle to your spring look.,

    Price: $13.62 (available in 11 styles)

    19. A three-tier glass cocktail table perfect for showing off all sorts of coffee table books and doodads.


    Promising review: "OMG this table is perfect. It was packaged well. The design is modern and creative, and it fits my space soon perfectly! I'm crazy happy about this purchase. The black glass is pristine and it was easy to assemble. The legs may or may not SEEM to be on the cheap looking side, but it's not like you're gonna put something that weighs over 300 pounds on it! Right!?!" β€”VonDIVA

    Price: $69.99 (available in four colors).

    20. Speaking of doodads, a truly eye-conic brass object from Jonathan Adler to proudly display in your home.


    Check out Jonathan Adler's Now House collection on Amazon and GOOD LUCK not buying anything.

    Price: $48

    21. A box of postcards featuring lovely animal illustrations. Time to buy some stamps because everyone needs to see these!


    There are 10 postcards from 10 different artists, so 100 in total.

    Price: $11.57

    22. A pack of space-themed lollipops everyone will enjoy looking at as much as eating.


    Promising review: "These are really impressive! They look exactly like the pictures. No clue how they pull it off with so few, basic ingredients. Nothing artificial. They taste more like rock candy than a flavored lollipop, and they are expensive, but they make a very terrific gift!" β€”sfrnofls

    Price: $25.85

    23. A surprisingly attractive over-the-door rack, because even functional objects should be pretty.


    It has 14 hooks!

    Price: $20

    24. A rainbow leash to make walking your dog an even more colorful and fun experience.


    Promising review: "Awesome leash. Does what it should and it's the perfect size for my doberman. Also extremely pretty. Had a ton of people asking me where I got it from." β€”Carolyn Stark

    Price: $6.99

    25. A holographic nail polish that shimmers so nicely in the sunlight, you might dunk all your other nail polishes right in the trash.


    Promising review: "This is liquid rainbow for your nails. I've found that with ILNP holographic polishes, as long as I use a good base coat and base color, I only ever need one coat of the holographic polish for good coverage (which is nice since the bottles are $10 a pop). The color lasts at least a week (with a good top coat) minimum, and the colors are truly lovely." β€”Nnanelle

    Price: $10

    26. A set of four agate coasters β€” more like a-great coasters, amirite?


    They have bumpers on the bottom so they won't slide all over the place.

    Promising review: "These are gorgeous. Too pretty for coasters, so I have them leaning on a window so the sun can shine through them and show off their beauty!" β€”Reggae Dancer

    Price: $34.95

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