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    31 Sex Toys That Are As Beautiful As They Are Effective

    Toys that are good for the eyes and good for *cough* elsewhere.

    1. A Satisfyer Pro 2 that simulates oral sex and comes in a variety of settings that range from what I would describe as "light rain" to "Zeus furiously hammering down upon your clit."

    pink vibrator with white rubber tip falls into water

    2. A fishy friend with nine vibration speeds, so solo play or penetrative sex can really blow you out of the water.

    purple vibe shaped like dolphin bending in a u-shape next to small remote

    3. An 8-inch geode dildo that'll feel like such a treasure to own.

    4. A glass crescent dildo offering an adorable way to send yourself over the moon.

    hands holds glass dildo with pink moon on the end

    5. A transparent, 7-inch, suction dildo making it crystal clear what you'll be doing all afternoon once your package arrives.

    reviewer holds clear realistically shaped dildo with suction on end

    6. Fluorescent wax play candles shaped like penises so your heat play can look like the inside of a kinky laser tag arena.

    7. A wonderful glass dildo helpfully reminding you to eat (and fuck) your fruits and veggies.

    glass dildos shaped like a radish, eggplant, cucumber, and banana

    8. A pretty personal wand massager with 20 patterns and eight vibration speeds sure to tickle you pink.

    wand style massager in light pink with three buttons

    9. A mini bullet vibe in the trendy royal blue color that everyone (myself included) has been obsessed with lately. With three speeds and soft ABS plastic, you certainly won't feel blue after buying this tiny friend.

    a small royal blue bullet vibe

    10. A contrasting color vibe that honestly looks more like lip balm than a battery-powered massager that's gonna deliver major pleasure wherever you are.

    model holds orange and light blue tear-shaped vibe

    11. A glass dildo for anyone who might have gotten a little turned on after watching the music video for Katy Perry's song "E.T." This wiggly, galactic massager can be used externally or internally, and will rocket you right into space.

    model holds bendy dildo with blue glittery inside and hook shaped tail

    12. A lavender suction toy that honestly looks like it was designed in an enchanted field of wildflowers. The pastel color! The soft lines! This is a thing of ethereal beauty.

    hand holds banana-shaped vibe with opening on the top where like, the stem would be

    13. A Maude personal massager that looks like some super classy aliens invented it. The three-speed vibe offers earth-shattering orgasms without offending your minimalist sensibilities.

    model holds white long tear drop shaped vibe

    14. A biodegradable bullet vibe so you can get off and lower your carbon footprint at the same time. Nothing sexier than saving Mother Earth.

    a small green vibe with one button

    15. An elegant and discreet vibrating ring that comes in silver or electroplated 18k gold. Now you can say "I do! ...want to have an orgasm, thank you."

    two models pose with large rectangular gold rings that cover bottom half of middle finger

    16. Dame's hands-free vibrator with little wings that tuck in to the labia so vaginas can get stimulation during penetrative sex. Consider this waterproof device a silicone angel.

    hand holds small egg-shaped vibe with two arm-shaped wings

    17. A vibrating ring that'll turn any regular penis into a vibrating penis.

    18. A G spot rabbit vibrator sure to make you hop for joy and pleasure.

    purple dildo with mini rabbit attachment

    19. A flame shaped Pixie with prongs that'll hug your clit and set your body on fire with a red hot orgasm.

    vibrators with two prongs

    20. The beloved Bender — a multi-speed, waterproof vibrator that can contort itself like a gymnast to satisfy wherever needs some stimulation. It's basically a pleasure-giving piece of taffy.

    hand bends vibe in half

    21. A pair of lacy panties with a harness built in for comfort and — of course — fashion.

    lacy black panties with circular hole for dildo

    22. A wearable vibrator that comfortably wraps around the penis and perineum for a longer and more intense erection. You can also download an app so a partner can control the fun.

    hand holds silicone structure that wraps around shaft and balls with a flat part that settles on perineum

    23. A glow-in-the-dark cock ring to prove that turning the lights off during sex can be more exciting.

    glow in the dark in rings in various sizes

    24. A classy necklace simple enough that no one would ever think is secretly a vibrator. A step up from Tiffany's jewelry, tbh.

    model wears a thin long silver vibe on rose gold chain

    25. Bellesa's Diskeet Air, which is their most discreet model but don't worry — it's also their most powerful suction vibrator. Its clamshell case makes it easy to subtly travel with.

    pink suction vibe with rounded handle that fits in circular case

    26. A charming cactus figure that'll look sharp in your room when not in use.

    two cactus dildos, one with an arm and one without

    27. A cute valentine-themed butt plug for anyone who wants some sweet stimulation all year round.

    three butt plugs with hearts on the end that say "do me now," "be mine," and "spank me"

    28. A pair of spiral nipple clamps to elevate your pleasure and your style. Being naked doesn't mean you can't still accessorize.

    gold spiral circles on nipples

    29. Lelo's Sona sonic massager that promises to give every part of your clit the attention it deserves.

    left: a bean-shaped pink vibe with a little spout thing on the end right: model holds it in palm

    30. A powerful wireless wand vibe that's waterproof, so you can take this thing seriously anywhere you need it. Prepare to get really pruney from sitting in the tub for two hours.

    31. And a bright yellow vibe with a rounded tennis ball head that works for both internal and external pleasure so you can yell louder than a professional tennis player (real loud!).

    yellow vibe with tennis ball shaped top

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