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    27 Practical Things For Adults With A Childish Sense Of Humor

    If you're gonna buy something responsible, it might as well also be fun.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A doormat that takes an unfriendly spin on an old classic.

    doormat that says live laugh leave

    2. An office supply organizer with its own flame-shaped sticky notes for anyone with a disorganized desk that's beginning to look like a dumpster fire.

    flame sticky notes with dumpster holder

    3. A Shrek toothpaste cap to make all your TikTok dreams (or nightmares?) come true.

    4. A duck butt tea infuser so you can say, "bottoms up" every tea time.

    tea infuser shaped like a duck with its head underwater

    5. A herd of colorful pens that just wanna be your palpacas.

    four pastel llama pens

    6. A humidifier that looks like a little dog ready to blast off into space in their reindeer rocket ship. Why isn't this a movie yet?

    7. A ~pot~ holder to take your cooking to soaring new highs. *buh dum diss*

    marijuana leaf pot holder

    8. A pack of cat-shaped sponges sure to make you actually excited to do dishes. At least the first time, anyway.

    sponges that look like cats wearing clothing sitting on ledge of sink

    9. A mustachioed razor holder that gives "handlebar mustache" a new meaning.

    black and white character with mustache that has bars for a razor to hang on. it sticks to shower wall

    10. A clear shower curtain with pockets so you can multi-task on mornings when you're running late to work.

    clear shower curtain with pockets for ipad and phones

    11. A cat hammock so your feline friend can relax and look out the window when you don't have any windowsill space.

    12. A funny clock worthy of a spot on any prankster's wall.

    clock that says jesus look at the time with a picture of jesus looking at the clock

    13. A pair of bread slippers, aka loafers to keep your feet warm and toasty.

    bread shaped slippers

    14. A punny dish towel that's only a little cheesy.

    dish towel that says sweet dreams are made of cheese who am i to dis a brie

    15. A tin of Shakespeare bandages that add insult to injury (but still make great bandages).

    16. A set of LED light saber chopsticks to make fights over the last dumpling extra dramatic.

    dueling glowing lightsaber chopsticks over a bowl of rice

    17. A miniature wacky waving inflatable tube man — you can learn some great moves from this guy.

    small wacky waving inflatable tubeman on desk

    18. A giant tongue so you can get really intimate with your cat.

    model licks cat with plastic pronged tongue

    19. A personalized candle that you can light whenever your stinkiest housemate lets one rip.

    glass candle that says light when michael farts

    20. An unreasonably cute animal ottoman that serves as a nice place to sit AND a secret hiding place for all your extra junk.

    ottomans shaped like a dog, crocodile, and monkey

    21. A presidential podium that doubles as a scratch post because we all agree your cat is a natural born leader.

    cat behind a podium with american flags

    22. A carbonated bubble clay mask that'll help refresh their face and put on a good show while it does it.

    23. A pint glass you'll love the feel of in your hand after a long, hard day (that's what she said).

    pint glass with michael scott that says "that's what" -she

    24. A pack of ankle socks with character tabs that'll make you smile and protect your heels while breaking in new sneaks.

    colorful socks with muppet like faces on the heels

    25. An oven mitt that says NO to lettuce and YES to potato buns.

    oven mitt that has hotdog and hamburger that say say no to salad and yeah no salad

    26. A googly-eyed toucan that'll grab you a toothpick when you push on its back. Thanks, toucan!

    27. A towel with a section for your butt and face if you're someone who worries about cross-contamination.

    towel with brown and white sections that say face and butt

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