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20 people you should add on Snapchat right now

This weekend's Snapchat mashup shows not all Snaps are created equal.

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Snapchatter CyreneQ assembled 20 users for a Snapchat mashup. Each artist took a turn drawing over the another artist's snap, keeping at least 25% of the previous artwork the same. Think of it like a Snapchat version of Telephone.

The mashup resulted in some wildly imaginative drawings of Harry Potter, Pikachu, dragons, Harry Styles, Keyboard Cat, Patrick Star, a corgi, Captain Jack Sparrow, Marlin and Dori, Hulk Hogan and a bunch of original cartoon characters.

1. CyreneQ

2. Lyssa23456

3. VinceValenti1

4. Salliasnap

5. Mplatco

6. PixelPersuasion

7. Cakes1ToDough1

8. EmGarber

9. CarolaEkman

10. TurbanChino

11. Nannll

12. Metz044

13. DecAlex

14. Miologie

15. JojoBlackcat123

16. Rakune

17. Sambo.03

18. Georgio.Copter

19. Dabttll

20. Shonduras

Here's the whole mashup in a handy gif!

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