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12 Best Instagrams From The Little Town Of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The city of 75,000 people has been known as Christmas City, USA since 1937.

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1. Moravian stars are as much a symbol of the holiday as they are of the city itself.

2. The city has two outdoor Christmas markets — Christkindlmarkt and Christmas City Village.

3. More than 800 Christmas trees decorate street corners, light poles and plazas throughout Bethlehem.

4. Moravian Book Shop is the oldest, continuously operating book store in the world.

5. The first decorated Christmas tree in the United States was located in Bethlehem. Early settlers attached evergreen branches to a wooden pyramid in 1747.

6. Bethlehem Steel provided steel for the Golden Gate Bridge, Madison Square Garden and the Chrysler Building.

7. Bethlehem was founded by Moravian settlers on Christmas Eve 1741.

8. More than 35,000 Christmas lights are used to decorate the Historic Hotel Bethlehem. Other decorations include wreaths, toy soldiers, nutcrackers, a nativity and a gingerbread model of the hotel.

9. Doors and windows of downtown shops and restaurants are decorated to match a Christmas theme.

10. Touchstone Theatre, a local professional theatre company, producers original characters and sketches for its annual "Christmas City Follies" each year.

11. The innovative steel I-beam which allowed for vertical construction of skyscrapers and bridges was first produced at Bethlehem Steel.

12. Just Born's marshmallow Peeps are made in Bethlehem.

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