What if someone bottled the water that millions in developing countries drink every day and offered it on the streets of New York? For just a buck, during World Water Week (March 22-29), New Yorkers in the Union Square Park area were able to enjoy the benefits of DIRTY WATER. It was available in a variety of choices like MALARIA, CHOLERA or even TYPHOID DIRTY WATER -- and currently has 900 million consumers worldwide. Over 4,200 children die of water related diseases every day and millions of people around the world lack access to clean water sources. New Yorkers were startled to see YELLOW FEVER and HEPATITIS DIRTY WATER bottles being promoted. They looked at the vending machine in disgust. Though no one drank Dirty Water, many did donate to the cause. This idea of "selling" dirty water was inspired by UNICEF's promise that every dollar donated would provide safe drinking water to 40 children for a day. This eye-opening DIRTY WATER initiative from Casanova Pendrill New York, went beyond collecting funds for UNICEF in a unique active street effort. The goal was to shock the media and the public with this alarming issue. The campaign is currently active since people can continue donating online at tapproject.org or via text message. Text TAP or AGUA to UNICEF (864233) to make a $5 donation. This effort is part of a much bigger pro-bono Spanish/English campaign that Casanova Pendrill executed within UNICEF´s Tapproject.org. This is first time the campaign expands to Multicultural. Casanova has managed to secure half a million dollars in donated media and developed TV spots, Radio, Outdoor, web banners and outdoor events. "Dirty Water® is not an actual product, but a real problem for millions of children around the world." For more information, to see photos, and to watch the English, Subtitled or Spanish-language version of this video, visit: http://www.Dirtywaterinfo.com

geel are • 8 years ago