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    • BeckyQZ

      Hello? You missed a few things: 1) Ben’s Chili Bowl - mmm MMMmmm 2) Watching airplanes land OVER YOUR HEAD at Gravely Point 3) The Holiday display at the National Botanical Garden - The Capitol Building made out of twigs and acorns, beat that! 4) Seeing a marriage proposal/wedding party photo shoot every time you’re at the Lincoln Memorial (awwww!) 5) The Library of Congress - the prettiest building in town AND a Library of Congress Library card is the COOLEST souvenir ever. 6) The National Archives - Enshrining our Constitution and Bill of Rights for all to see, PLUS awesome things like presidential letters and exhibits of photos (portraits of 1970s black Chicago now on display!) 7) The Great Hall of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum with ACTUAL spacecraft, ACTUAL Spirit of St. Louis and ACTUAL plane the broke the sound barrier (PLUS the ACTUAL first plane to EVER fly is upstairs)! 8) Free Friday night jazz at the Smithsonian sculpture garden (AND it’s an ice rink in the winter) 9) Tattoo at the Marine Corps Barracks (and I’m not talking about body art. It’s an amazing show.) 10) Eating breakfast next to common folk and an occasional Senator at the pancake counter at Eastern Market 11) Frager’s Hardware Store, which has EVERYTHING in an impossibly small place, like something out of Harry Potter. It just burned down but will RISE AGAIN. and finally 12) Unabashed patriotism on July 4th and Memorial Day. We wave the flag proudly, even if we’re fighting in the halls of Congress the next week. Because people in DC may want to change things ABOUT America, but never doubt we LOVE America.

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