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Here's When It's OK To Show Boobs In Public

Nothing says "drink this soda" like putting it between two breasts!

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There seems to be a bit of a double-standard when it comes to the way in which you can show breasts in public:

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So, when do we celebrate the use of ~tatas~ in the public eye?

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Using boobs to sell a burger and a coke? Yep. That seems totally logical.

And using breasts to promote... uh... what is this promoting again?

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Oh, shampoo, yeah, this is definitely helping sell that shampoo.

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Wait... where is the product? Oh, bottom left-hand corner. Sure.

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Here's another top-notch use of breasts!!!

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Totally gonna run out and buy that.

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So now that we've seen some really great ways to use boobs, what ways are totally taboo?

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Whipping out your boobs to sustain a human life? Nahhhh, that's crazy!

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What is she thinking?!

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Is she thinking that her baby is hungry and crying and needs to eat to literally keep living??? Who cares!

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