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    • beckyc16

      Single player was the goal to begin with. Then the Gov is in total charge of our healthcare. And if the fact that all of your medical and financial information will be in hands of State employees first, then it will all be sent up to the big old National Cloud in the sky…where every gov department will have access to it..( the IRS didn’t leak info during 2012 campaign) Something is very wrong w that picture. That in itself is a violation of my right to privacy. Period. So glad our Founders were wise enough to add the Article 5. It’s coming.

    • beckyc16

      Premiums rose 9.7% 2009 - 2011. Value of said coverage shrank 5.1% “What we’ve seen over the last couple of years is that premiums are growing faster than inflation and at the same time, the quality of the benefit is declining,” said Aron Boros, whose state agency, the Center for Health Information and Analysis, published the report. “So you’re not only paying more, you’re getting less.”

    • beckyc16

      Someone said that GOP has never offered a plan?
      Harry sat on them. Always.
      Here are 3 from 2009. State Run Media didn’t mention them more than once or twice that I know of.
      Health Care Freedom Act: Empowering Patients First Act HR3400: (I like this one) Patients Choice Act:

      There are more for following years. You can look them up.

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