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22 Quirks British People Don't Realise Are Super Weird

Nobody understands spotted dick.

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1. Using two taps instead of one.

This one's easy to explain: We enjoy the performance of moving our hands very fast between the two horrific streams of water. We call it "tap dancing", and if you can do it well it proves you are truly British.


6. Constantly apologising.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

We apologise when someone bangs into us, when our food is cold in a restaurant, when we get into a crowded lift, when we ask for something in a shop, when we pay with change, when we can't find something in our bag, etc, etc, etc. Sorry we're weird.


9. A weird love of queuing.

Twitter: @Sshivonee

There's a rumour that an entire section of the new British Citizenship Test will be dedicated to the art of queuing, and include a practical exam where applicants must wait for a bus that may never come without losing their shit completely.


14. The question of what exactly is going on with these hats.

They're called the Grenadier Guards, and fyi those aren't hats, they're black cats that have been trained to sit on the soldiers' heads. It's an ancient British tradition.


17. The whole "teeny-tiny nation with 1 million different accents" thing. / BuzzFeed

Basically what happened was that in the year 991AD King Egglemund the Unruly ordered all British people to put on a funny voice for his amusement and they just sort of stuck.