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22 Quirks British People Don't Realise Are Super Weird

Nobody understands spotted dick.

1. Using two taps instead of one.

2. Eating something called spotted dick.

3. Giving weirdly sexual names to food in general.

4. Calling something that is not actually a pudding a pudding.

5. Calling something that appears to be a biscuit a cake.

6. Constantly apologising.

7. The insane number of murders in Midsomer.

8. British newspaper headlines.

9. A weird love of queuing.

10. Cricket.

11. Marmite.

12. The thing about all the BBC channels.

13. "Bollocks."

14. The question of what exactly is going on with these hats.

15. British place names, lol.

16. Oh, yeah, and British celebrity names.

17. The whole "teeny-tiny nation with 1 million different accents" thing.

18. Ending all phone calls to the gas people/broadband people/tax people/doctor/council/funeral director with these three words.

19. Drinking tea. All. The. Damn. Time.

20. Mint sauce.

21. Creative swearing.

22. Brown sauce.