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    42 Pictures That Prove Walthamstow Is The Best Place To Live In London

    It's got it all.

    1. Where else in London can you explore a neon wonderland like God's Own Junkyard?

    2. It's even got a cafe, so you can settle down on a sofa with a coffee or a beer, and soak up the rainbow rays.

    3. And when you've got your neon kicks, you can head across the yard to Wild Card Brewery for a craft beer in the sunshine.

    4. Or maybe you'd prefer a cocktail at Mother's Ruin Gin Palace?

    5. Living in Walthamstow, you're surrounded by nature. You can watch the sunrise over the marshes...

    6. ...or cycle through wild flowers.

    7. It's packed full of wildlife.

    8. And on the other side of Walthamstow, you've got Epping Forest. There's nowhere else like it in autumn.

    9. The paths that wind through the ancient beech trees make it feel like something from a fairytale.

    10. And then there's the enormous street market, bustling with people.

    11. There's always something interesting going on – a music festival, a parade, a street party.

    12. Satisfy your cravings for pie, mash, and jellied eels at L. Manze. You'll feel like you've travelled back in time.

    13. Or stop for a cuppa at Jesse's cafe.

    14. The buttermilk chicken burger at Eat 17 might change your life a little bit.

    15. And there's nothing better than spending a a lazy weekend exploring the shops and restaurants on Orford Road in Walthamstow village.

    16. You should definitely pop into the world's fanciest Spar – it's got an over-the-top selection of delicious cakes.

    17. Seriously, Walthamstow's Spar is so ridiculously, gloriously posh it's got a takeaway pizzeria at the back.

    18. And the pizza is yum.

    19. The houses in Walthamstow village are picture-postcard perfect.

    20. The sweet little 19th-century cottages look like doll's houses.

    21. And when you walk past "The Ancient House", with it's higgledy-piggledy roof and beams, it's hard to believe you're still in London.

    22. It honestly feels more like you're in the countryside sometimes.

    23. There are so many great pubs. The Nag's Head has a massive beer garden, and serves great pizza.

    24. The Bell has huge beer garden too, and it's also a great place to hunker down inside by the fire with a roast on a wet day.

    25. The Rose and Crown is a proper local which has a THEATRE upstairs where big names like Bridget Christie try out their new sets.

    26. And The Queen's Arms do killer steak and chips.

    27. As if all that wasn't enough, the beautiful old EMD cinema building is now an amazing bar, Mirth, Marvel and Maud.

    28. You can grab a cocktail here while they restore the old cinema and turn it into a brand new entertainment venue.

    29. There are endless places to eat good food. The pizzas at Sodo are top notch.

    30. And Pinar Kebab have been serving up mouth-wateringly good doner and sis since the '70s.

    31. Wood Street Market is a gem – it's full of tiny independent shops selling everything from antique toys to lampshades.

    32. There's even a tiny rum bar right at the back, and jerk chicken barbecues on the weekend.

    33. The William Morris Museum, set in a stately home in Lloyd Park, do brilliant exhibitions featuring artists like Grayson Perry and Yinka Shonibare.

    34. Lloyd Park is a fantastic place to go for a walk or a jog. It's got a picturesque lake.

    35. And a beautiful flower garden.

    36. And a skate park.

    37. And while the Walthamstow Dogs is sadly gone (but not forgotten, RIP).

    38. The dogs of Walthamstow live on – Lloyd Park is a brilliant place for dog spots.

    39. And Hollow Ponds is great for hounds too.

    40. There are tons of independent shops.

    41. And incredible street art all over the place.

    42. Yep, Walthamstow's the best place to live in London.