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33 Tweets That'll Make All Hairy Girls Laugh Then Cry

"I have the best hair... I just wish it didn't grow all over my entire body."

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1. This mix-up:

Marina79 / Getty Images / Twitter: @__nerdvana__

2. This familiar problem:

Washed my hair today. Which means it should be dry just in time for the election in November. #hairygirlproblems

3. This awkward moment:

I forgot to shave one of my legs... I look like someone caught me midway between my werewolf transformation... #hairygirlproblems #gross

4. This horror show:

Haha I can't cope with this one! #girlproblems #shavingproblems #dating

5. This thorough list of pros and cons:

#growingupwiththickhair this is too accurate

6. This reality:

Growing out my eyebrow be like πŸ˜±πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ #earnie #eyebrow #unibrow #indiangirlproblems #hairygirlproblems

7. This small blessing:

8. This valid complaint:

Which ever one of my ancestors gave me all this hair should have had the decency to leave for me a trust fund so I can afford all this veet

9. This small request:

10. This incredible, super-quick weight-loss technique:

Feeling 5 pounds lighter after shaving my legs #HairyGirlProblems

11. This very specific problem:

This is real, this is me. #hairygirlproblems

12. This hope:

I completely forgot to shave today. I hope no one notices #bear #barely #gilletteladyshave #hairygirlproblems

13. This embarrassment:

I look like I've tried the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, when in reality I've just been getting rid of my moustache. #tmi #hairygirlproblems

14. This truth:

15. This tactful mother:

My mom looked at my arm and went "OMG I thought you drew on yourself with pen!!!" aka my arm hair #hairygirlproblems

16. This award-winning story:

This is the story of the hairband that never even had a chance, Vol. 234,947. #ThickHairProblems

17. This joy:

Yes!!! #Truth Hahahahahahaha! #ShavingProblems

18. This weirdness:

[brushes hair once] #GrowingUpWithThickHair

19. This uncertainty:

Don't know whether to go for Movember or not this year #hairygirlproblems

20. This grumble:

#growingupwiththickhair everyone saying "thin hair is so annoying i want thick hair" and youre like

21. This bathtub issue:

That my bathtub looks like a shag carpet is a good sign that it's summer, and the wintercoat is being shed. #hairygirlproblems

22. This fearless girl who will not be defeated:

three hours later and I'm still not done #thickhairproblems

23. This coming of age:

24. This sad fact:

25. This honest kid:

3yo ..mommy ur hair is like mine & ur eyebrows r like mine & ur mustashe is just like mine... #hairygirlproblems

26. This plea:

My ass hair is like the amazon rainforest, wish I had a deforestation problem #hairygirlproblems

27. This utter betrayal:

28. This rare injury:

I cut my toe shaving. #HairyGirlProblems

29. This alternative to lifting weights:

#truth #ccassandra #armday #thickhairproblems

30. This mistake:

That moment you're in the shower and realise you bought volumising shampoo...πŸ‘Ί#ThickHairProblems

31. This "dime":

MEEEEEEE. #thickhairproblems πŸ˜‚ I have too much damn hair for all that.

32. This reasonable reply:

I seriously cannot stress this enough πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜‚ #ThickHairProblems

33. This mystery:

just found a bobby pin in my hair and i havent used a bobby pin in like four days ???? #thickhairproblems