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21 Things That'll Make All Cooking Idiots Cringe

It's burnt. Why is it burnt?!?

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1. It’s not that you don’t like food. It's quite the opposite – you love food.


2. And you like the concept of cooking because it produces the thing you love most: food.

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3. But for some tragic reason, you and cooking just don’t quite get on.

Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

4. Even simple tasks like making spaghetti can get the better of you.

Tried to drain out the water, #fail #cookingfail #10moremin #imhungry #needacolander 😒😒😧

5. Things seem to come to the boil so fast when you're at the hob.

#Cookingfail. It happens to all of us. Ugh 😫

6. You don't always handle your failures that well.

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7. But you don't give up: You aim high with your cooking, even when things don't go to plan.

When acai bowls go bad! #smoothiebowl #cookingfail #tastesgoodlooksbad

8. One problem is that you find it hard to concentrate when reading recipes.

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9. So you’ve been known to use way too much of an ingredient by accident.

...or just forget an ingredient altogether.

10. You’re not great at judging quantities by eye, but you do it all the time because you can't be bothered to weigh things.

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11. Drinking while you cook can lead to more mistakes, but it's sometimes necessary – being a cooking idiot is stressful.

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12. You seem to be much messier in the kitchen than most people, and why does everything explode?

13. Cooking is so confusing! For instance, a "medium heat" usually leads to something burning.

14. Whereas a "low heat" = a risotto taking two hours to cook.

15. You’re not terrible at all cooking – you've mastered a few dishes, and they are dee-licious.


16. But being a cooking idiot is tough. You'd dearly love to be able to make your favourite foods from scratch.

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17. And there's nothing worse than seeing good ingredients go to waste.

18. You want to be one of those lovely people who bring cookies into work, but no one would want your cookies.

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19. If you ever went on Bake Off, it would end in tears.


20. When you sadly didn't make it through to the next round, Mary Berry would tell you to never give up.


21. And you won't give up, you promise – you'll keep on trying to be a great cook.


And one day you'll succeed.