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21 Things That'll Make All Cooking Idiots Cringe

It's burnt. Why is it burnt?!?

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4. Even simple tasks like making spaghetti can get the better of you.

Tried to drain out the water, #fail #cookingfail #10moremin #imhungry #needacolander 😒😒😧


5. Things seem to come to the boil so fast when you're at the hob.

#Cookingfail. It happens to all of us. Ugh 😫

7. But you don't give up: You aim high with your cooking, even when things don't go to plan.

When acai bowls go bad! #smoothiebowl #cookingfail #tastesgoodlooksbad


16. But being a cooking idiot is tough. You'd dearly love to be able to make your favourite foods from scratch.

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18. You want to be one of those lovely people who bring cookies into work, but no one would want your cookies.

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