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    23 Things That Are Too Real If You're Scared Of Change

    Why can't things just stay the same?

    1. You've always been aprehensive about change – as a kid, starting a new school filled you with anxiety.

    2. And getting a new teacher was absolutely terrifying.

    3. You’re devastated when your favourite TV shows end.

    4. Even a new line-up on X Factor gives you the heebie jeebies.

    5. You’re extremely loyal to shops and restaurants, and feel bereft when they shut down.

    6. And you're still grieving for the loss of your favourite discontinued childhood sweets.

    7. You’ve got the same phone number you had since you first had a phone.

    8. And you've probably got the same haircut you’ve had all your life.

    9. You feel heartbroken when a celebrity couple doesn’t make it.

    10. And going through a break up of your own is, unsurprisingly, an absolute horrorshow.

    11. You can definitely list your three favourite meals, and you eat them all the time.

    12. You’re not the most adventurous traveller – you always feel a little uneasy when you’re away from home and familiar things.

    13. And starting uni and moving into halls definitely made you homesick.

    14. Moving house always makes you super emotional.

    15. And people getting older, moving away, or losing touch makes you sad.

    16. You were traumatised by that one weekend you went home to discover your parents had turned your old bedroom into the guest room.

    It felt like a betrayal.

    17. You’re a bit of a homebody tbh, and like nothing better than a cosy friday night in, just like last friday, and the one before that.

    18. You dread moving jobs – being the new person is so daunting.

    Once you've settled in, you'll be fine.

    19. And, OK, you admit it – sometimes that does mean you get stuck in a rut.

    20. Obviously elections are your worst nightmare.

    21. You're scared about an unknown future.

    22. You don’t understand why things can’t just stay the same.

    23. But try to remember this: Nothing stays the same. Life is always changing, and most of the time? That's what makes it great.