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    23 Things That Happened To Everyone Who Had A Hamster As A Kid

    When their cheeks went massive with food.

    1. Writing notes to your mum and dad begging them to let you please get a hamster.

    Twitter: @sarahcanipe13

    They said no for ages, but eventually they gave in.

    2. That first, glorious trip to the pet shop to choose your hammie from a pile of smol fluffs in a glass tank.

    Twitter: @_jennidizon

    I'll take 'em all!

    3. And being so excited to bring your new pal home.

    Twitter: @dotttiejames

    Their fur was the softest thing.

    4. Picking out a cage you hoped your new friend would love.

    Yours probably wasn't this big tbh, but this was the one you wanted.

    5. And having fantasies of turning your room into a hamster kingdom.

    Imagine how cool this would be.

    6. Spending ages coming up with the perfect name.

    Snowball, absolute classic hamster name.

    7. Dealing with the agony of your first hamster bite.

    8. The insane noise your hamster made running on its wheel at night.

    It was so bad sometimes you had to put the cage out on the landing so you could get some sleep.

    9. Watching your hamster bowling about the living room in its ball.

    Twitter: @MsRsStars_LDSB

    It looked so fun.

    10. The terrifying moment when you realised Hammie had escaped.

    Twitter: @suefit35

    They were the most incredible houdinis, who seemed to be able to prize open their cage using just their tiny paws.

    11. And the joy when you finally found them.

    Twitter: @KeeferDunn

    You heard horror stories of people who never found their missing ham.

    12. When they stuffed their cheeks full of food and looked all funny.

    13. Like really funny.

    14. Being made to clean out your hamster's cage by your mum on Saturday morning.

    15. Putting your hamster in a container just because it was the cutest thing.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    16. The absolute cutest thing.

    17. The slightly tense relationship between your other, bigger pets and lil' Ham.

    18. Letting them snuggle in your pocket like they were a joey and you were a kangaroo.

    19. And having them climb all over you while you were chilling out watching telly.

    20. And the unfortunate moment when it all got a bit much for them.

    21. Their gorgeous ears, which sometimes had a little nick in them.

    Twitter: @Monika_kamila17

    Their ears really are the most precious thing.

    22. Their tiny hand on your finger.

    23. And that sad, sad day when it finally came which you honoured in your own way.

    Twitter: @xo_cora

    Sweet Hammie, gone but not forgotten.

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