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    "The One With The Prom Video" Is The Best Friends Episode Ever

    "He's her lobster!"

    1. As all sane people know, “The One With the Prom Video” is the best ever episode of Friends.

    2. In the episode, the Gellers bring round a box of Monica’s stuff, including an old home video showing Monica and Rachel getting ready to go to prom.

    3. This episode has everything, including fat Monica.

    4. When she dances with her dad in the home video, it is too cute.

    5. We also see Rachel's old, bigger nose.

    6. This episode is very funny. Special nods to Rachel's dress, which is comedy genius.

    7. ROSS'S HAIR.


    9. This is Ross's most lovable episode.

    10. The bracelet.

    11. But the real reason this episode is amazing is the love story between Ross and Rachel.

    12. The romantic tension in this episode is insane.

    13. It's a classic "will they, won't they?"

    14. But this episode is a manipulative bastard and it knows how to get to you.

    15. This moment when Ross is all happy and embarrassed and hasn't had his heart broken yet:

    16. This agonising sequence:

    17. Judy Gellar: "Turn it off."

    18. At this point it’s kind of hard to cope. There are too many feelings, and they are beautiful and painful at once.

    19. The tension, guys.

    20. The fucking tension.

    21. And then *boom* it's over.

    22. He's her lobster.