17 Terrifying Plants And Fungi That Look Incredibly Gory

    These are gruesome. H/T @Cat_Whitney

    1. This poisonous flower that looks like a bloody skull.

    Aristolochia Salvadorensis - This eerie flower looks like a flayed skull, and reminds some of Darth Vader. It's als… https://t.co/ndhR20EUTE

    2. This fungus that looks like a bleeding tooth.

    Hydnellum peckii - The infamous bleeding tooth or Devil's tooth fungus. Despite the sinister appearance, it's not t… https://t.co/jT1sqTgcQs

    3. These creepy skull-shaped seed pods.

    Antirrhinum seed pods - Commonly known as snapdragons, When dried out, the seedpods of some species resemble human… https://t.co/s93sQ2O4uM

    4. This sinister fungus, known as Dead Man's Fingers.

    Xylaria polymorpha - Dead Man's Fingers. This fungus resembles to the fingers of a corpse bursting up from the soil.

    5. This fungal monster that explodes out of an "egg sack". 😩

    Clathrus archeri - The Octopus Stinkhorn or Devil's Fingers. It bursts from a white "eggsack" before splitting & st… https://t.co/x6uzvVkjgD

    6. These deadly red claws that burst out of the soil in Japan.

    Podostroma cornu-damae - While not the most visually scary fungus here, it is one of the most deadly. Responsible f… https://t.co/qpng7ba7cU

    7. These horrifying stalks with berries that look like eyes.

    Actaea pachypoda - Doll's Eyes. The berries contain an extremely potent cardiogenic toxin. Fatal if consumed by hum… https://t.co/9Qwt6nNH5V

    8. This flower that is about to tear you to pieces.

    Tacca chantrieri - the Black Bat Flower. Not only do the petals resemble bat wings, it grows long "tendrils". Even… https://t.co/4XdrfEhZFR

    9. These seedpods that look like mummified bats.

    Trapa bicornis - Speaking of bats, these seeds look like a chiroptophobia nightmare. Also called water caltrop, bat… https://t.co/GYcP0ORTDj

    10. This bioluminescent fungus that is like some sort of alien growth.

    Favolaschia - As if this fungus wasn't odd enough in the light, it glows in the dark with bioluminescence... but on… https://t.co/x9ZEuIXIpw

    11. This fungus that looks like a pile of spilled intestines.

    Ascocoryne sarcoides - If you've ever wanted a fungus that looks like spilled organs, you're in luck. Nature has yo… https://t.co/RQVugPaxm7

    12. The "piranha plant", which is like something out of Little Shop of Horrors.

    Hydnora africana - the real life Piranha Plant. Another parasite without chlorophyll, it feeds off roots of other p… https://t.co/UoCNZ6sApl

    13. These fungi that look like severed ears.

    Auricularia auricula - the Wood Ear. Another contender in the body horror category, they often look like severed hu… https://t.co/Pf7fpb7QR6

    14. This organism that looks like an oozing stomach lining.

    Rhodotus - a genus of fungi that tends to look disturbingly like various organs. Some species ooze red or brown liq… https://t.co/AgiEZPLrZH

    15. Honestly, fungi are just insanely grotesque and beautiful.

    Clathrus ruber - the Latticed Stinkhorn or "Red Cage". Another stinkhorn fungus that bursts forth from a white "egg… https://t.co/EcCVoeIZwx

    16. These orchids that look like angry little monkeys coming for you.

    Monkey Orchids - These flowers may not seem scary, but as I'm personally terrified of primates & apes, I'm putting… https://t.co/fIKbRCmkDS

    17. Steel yourself: This fungus implants inside insects, turns them into zombies, then bursts through their bodies – while they're still technically alive. 😷

    Cordyceps - These fungi take over the bodies of insects & small animals through the brainstem, turning them into zo… https://t.co/uCaiJDVbAB