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    Oct 25, 2016

    29 Tattoos That Prove Britain Is The Greatest Nation On Earth

    "Gary Lineker shags crisps."

    1. British people have the best tattoos.

    2. This inspiring design could only happen in Britain.


    3. Here we can appreciate the British sense of humour, immortalised in ink:

    Twitter: @DjVibe18

    Stealing a trolley is only slightly more expensive than buying a plastic bag #lifehack.

    4. That humour again – it's the best in the world.

    5. We've got a way with words, a unique and nuanced grasp of the English language.


    6. And we always choose the perfect place for that special Monty Python quote.

    7. Only a British person would express their love for Nando's in this manner.

    News Dog Media

    8. And only a British person would show their love of fry-ups like this.

    Absolut Ink / Dayne Gilbey

    9. When a British person has a hero, they know what to do about it.

    10. Louis would be proud.

    11. What better way to show you're a Potter fan?

    12. Or that you love Trevor McDonald.

    13. Or that you're massively into ketchup.

    14. Or that you just really, really like Ian Beale.

    15. Iconic British faces are emblazoned on shoulders for all the world to see.

    16. <3 Jezza.

    17. Only a proper legend would commit to this for life.


    18. Who but a Brit would have the clever idea to transform their nipple into one of Thom Yorke's eyes?

    19. British people don't just "like Marmite", we get it tattooed on our thigh.

    21. We don't just watch Only Fools and Horses, we get Del Boy emblazoned on our calf. For life.

    22. Or do the double: one on each thigh.

    23. Any passion, big or small, can be immortalised in ink.

    24. Really into Hoovers? Prove it.

    Channel 4

    25. Really into James Arthur? We won't believe you unless you get inked.

    26. To be fair, Pringles are delicious.

    27. Let it be known that you love Argos.

    Peter Lawson / East News Press Agency

    28. Let it be known that you're a top-quality, locally sourced item.

    29. No honestly, British people really do have the best tattoos in the world.

    Solent News

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