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    Jul 26, 2016

    22 Little Secrets Wedding Planners Will Never Tell You

    Our biggest fear is someone getting cold feet.

    1. Bridezillas are scary – but mumzillas are worse.

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    It’s not just the mother of the bride we have to worry about. The groom’s mum can be just as controlling about the big day. There have been mumzillas that try to pick the dress, the bridesmaids' dresses, the food, everything. We have to listen to everyone, and try and make sure they're all happy – especially the couple!

    2. But seriously, bridezillas are a real thing.

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    One woman threw a humungous hissy fit when she found out a friend of hers was getting married in the same year. It was meant to be her special year, not her friend’s.

    3. Everyone thinks we have the most glamorous job in the world.

    4. We’re obsessed with weddings. Like obsessed.

    5. We have to make sure the wedding budget doesn't spiral out of control.

    6. We try to get the grooms involved as much as possible.

    7. Sometimes it feels like we’re pre-marriage counsellors.

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    Couples can fight over anything from what they’re going to wear to the colours of the napkins, and we have to help them work it out.

    8. Couples get cold feet for all sorts of reasons.

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    One bride announced to her planner, a few days before the wedding, that she couldn’t go through with it because she was in love with somebody else. Turned out the “somebody else” was the wedding planner himself. He gently rebuffed the bride, and the wedding went ahead as planned. Cold feet is our worst nightmare – thankfully, it's not that common.

    9. We get a lot of weird requests.

    Twitter: @shaadimagic

    One couple wanted to get married in a boxing ring complete with fights, ring girls, ring announcer, and corner teams.

    10. Themed weddings are tricky to organise, but they’re so much fun.


    Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars – we’ve seen it all. Trying to source prosthetics, costumes, and amazing props are some of the more unusual wedding planner duties.

    11. We do our utmost to keep everyone happy.

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    There are stories of wedding planners being fired on the night of the wedding. That’s why we make an effort to be so friendly, on-the-ball, and enthusiastic.

    12. Sometimes you can locate a bride by the sound of screaming and crying.

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    Emotions run high at weddings, and everyone can bear the brunt of the bride’s feelings – from the wedding planner, to the make-up artist. One bride got upset because she felt upstaged by her bridesmaids so she made them change their hairstyles to look uglier.

    13. Oh, and did we mention groomzillas?

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    Alcohol, emotions, more alcohol, and more emotions can be a toxic cocktail. We’ve seen grooms turn over tables, pass out drunk, and get into fights because they think someone’s trying to steal their new wife. And it’s not just the grooms – when you get families together to drink for eight hours, all sorts of secrets can slip out.

    14. We keep our fingers tightly crossed for good weather.

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    After all, a bit of sun makes those wedding photos really pop.

    15. But a creative response to rain can be even better than sunshine.

    Twitter: @greenkatphoto

    We have to think on our feet – if it’s pissing it down, we might need to find umbrellas and wellies for 100 people, and fast.

    16. There’s immense pressure on us for everything to be perfect.

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    It’s exhausting, but when we pull it off it’s ridiculously satisfying.

    17. It’s incredibly fun to go to weddings every weekend.

    Twitter: @NDevonWedding

    Especiallly when there are giant rainbow bouncy castles involved.

    18. We honestly never get bored of the big day.

    Twitter: @naomiveronica_

    How could you be bored around so many happy people?

    19. Although we do have to kiss goodbye to spring, summer, and autumn.

    20. We get to eat a lot of cake.

    21. We love being surrounded by love all year round.

    22. The best bit is watching the happy couple on the dance floor at the end of the night.

    H/T to the wedding planners of Reddit.

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