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    Updated on Jul 31, 2019. Posted on Aug 26, 2016

    23 Secrets Lunch Ladies Won't Tell You

    We'll save the burnt food for the kids we don't like.

    1. We’ll save the worst food for the rude kids.

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    If there’s a slice of burnt pizza, or a dry bit of cake, you’ll think, "Oh yeah, I’ll save it for that one – the one that doesn’t say please and thank you."

    2. We do have kids who are our favourites.

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    The ones who are happy, and say please and thank you. The sensitive ones that aren't boisterous. Some of the kids are adorable. And sometimes you'll be their favourite too – that’s lovely.

    3. We love a bit of eye candy – we’ll all stare at the handsome teachers.

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    We'll pretend we have to fetch something, so we can walk past them or stop them for a chat. The other dinner ladies will all be in the kitchen staring at him as well.

    4. The worst thing about the job is when the kids are sick. / Nickelodeon

    We're responsible for the children during lunch break, and it's up to us to sort out any problems. There's a lot of snot to deal with.

    5. We also get sick all over the tables fairly often.

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    We have to move all the children away from the sick, then we're rushing around to find a sick bucket, and all the other children start heaving and retching because of smell. We have to clean the child up, clean the sick up, and sanitise the area.

    6. But it’s even worse when the kids poo themselves.

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    We have a huge box of clean underwear, shirts, skirts, trousers, socks, tights, everything in the kitchen.

    7. Sometimes if you smell a pooey bum, you’ll quietly walk away because you don’t want to deal with it.

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    It's not nice.

    8. We get paid holidays.

    9. We used to get free food, but now we have to pay for it.

    10. Since Jamie Oliver's campaign, all the food is home made and nothing's processed.

    11. There are no more turkey twizzlers.

    12. The most popular meal is spaghetti bolognese.

    13. And everyone loves the roast on Wednesdays.

    14. The worst meal is five-bean chilli.

    15. There’s nothing we can do if the kids refuse to eat.


    We try to get them to taste it, but sometimes they just won't.

    16. Some kids will stand there crying because they don’t like any of the food.

    We have to be very patient. We never shout at the kids.

    17. There's no dishwasher, so we have to wash over 200 plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, and glasses by hand.

    18. But it's satisfying to leave the kitchen looking spick and span.

    19. The puddings we make are amazing.

    20. If there's any food left over, we'll sneakily take it home even though we're not allowed.

    21. Food fights do occasionally happen among the dinner ladies. Someone'll get a handful of peas and just lob them at you.

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    We'd get sent to the headmistress if we were caught.

    22. It's brilliant being a dinner lady because you get to work with your best friends.

    23. We absolutely love our job.

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