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    21 Pictures Of Dogs Smiling That Prove The World Is A Good Place

    They look a tiny bit creepy, but that just makes it more special.

    1. This precious boy who wants you to know everything's going to be OK.

    2. This fellow who doesn't want you to worry anymore.

    3. And this furb who doesn't want you to be sad.

    4. Some dogs' smiles are pretty toothy, but they fill your heart with joy.

    5. Some are warm and pure.

    6. This guy's smile takes all your troubles away.

    7. And so does this one.

    8. This soft pupper doesn't want you to look at the news anymore.

    9. Just look at their smiles instead.

    10. This boy can't contain his excitement: the world exists, and it is great.

    11. This pup's just so happy 'bout everyfin'.

    12. And this doggo says, "Life is good."

    13. There's no need to be sad or scared anymore.

    14. The world is not such a dark place after all.

    15. We all feel afraid sometimes, but remember: this dog is out there somewhere.

    16. If the world seems scary, think about this friend.

    17. How can life be bleak when we share it with floofs such as these?

    18. Their smiles are precious things.

    19. Because no matter how hard things get, dogs are going to keep on smiling.

    20. Politics exists, but so does this guy.

    21. Bad things happen, but also dogs smile.

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