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14 People Who Are 100% Right About Pizza Toppings

If you don't like Hawaiian don't talk to me.

1. This person is 100% correct about pizza.

2. As is this person:

3. This person knows that the ONLY pizza topping worth a damn thing is Hawaiian.

4. This person makes such good decisions, I'd trust them with my life:

5. There's so much wrongness in the world right now, but this person isn't part of the problem.

6. This person understands that the sweet, juicy tang of pineapple and the savoury, salty punch of ham are a holy union which casts a shadow across all other pizza toppings.

7. I'm proud to share a planet with people who make such fucking correct choices when it comes to pizza.

8. It's no wonder this person is smiling, she's right about absolutely everything.

9. As is this quiet hero:

10. Who can blame this person for raising their slice to the light and proclaiming, "Behold, my pizza is right and yours is wrong."

Twitter: @wadec_

They're just so fucking right about this.

11. 🙌

Twitter: @stitchchic68

Hallelujah, praise be, this person has made the rightest decision known to man when it comes to pizza.

12. Congratulations to this person for being so damn right it's putting the rest of you to shame.

13. Some people try to argue the case for the Margherita, the Capricciosa, the Quattro Formaggi. Those people are wrong, sadly.

Twitter: @TheEastunder

This person on the other hand, is right.

14. Hawaiian pizza is the only pizza. It is THE pizza.

Twitter: @yung_sledge

And if you agree, you're right.

  1. 15. But how about you? Are you right or wrong?

    But how about you? Are you right
    or  wrong?

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15. But how about you? Are you right or wrong?
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