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26 Meals Every Student Will Instantly Recognise

Grub's up, and some of it's pretty grubby.

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1. This toastie fail:

Instagram: @izzyro

We go to university to learn, and one of the things we learn is how to make good toasties.

2. The toastie to end all toasties:

Made in an ACTUAL toastie machine – preferably a George Foreman. The only problem with making a toastie this damn good is that you then have to make eight more for your housemates.

4. The pizza you eat at 3pm when you wake up the next day hungover:

Instagram: @gennaferc

Tastes waxy.


5. The worst-hangover-of-all-time Marmite on toast:

Instagram: @bill_stillwell

You’ll be seeing this again imminently, half dissolved in bile and water.

6. The "look no oven!" meal for one:

Who needs cooking skills when this baby does the trick for breakfast, lunch, and tea?

7. This really fucking gross food experiment you did once:

@Pot_Noodle even tried a #potnoodle #wrap very nice I recommend 👍 #food #foodie #snack #potnoodlelover

All great chefs experiment, right? Plus there was nothing else in the cupboard and you were really hungry.


9. This tragic attempt at cooking something sophisticated for your housemates:

Instagram: @resinlings

Rice is so difficult!

10. This mysterious thing you bought on the street one night after the club:

Instagram: @jmflint27

Definitely looked more scrumptious through beer goggles in the dark.


14. This "yellow tea":

Instagram: @aimeehortonwrites

Ketchup's a vegetable, right?