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    26 Little Things That Ruin Every Teacher's Day

    Waking up at 6am ON A SATURDAY.

    1. When a student asks you a question you don't know the answer to.


    You cover it up like: "Well, what do you think the answer is, Amina?"

    2. When you ask your students a question and all you get is tumbleweed.

    3. Getting invited out on a weeknight when you've got a shit ton of homework to do.

    4. Getting invited on a holiday or to a festival during term time.


    You are so fucking jealous of your friends who can still go to Glastonbury.

    5. When you can't be bothered with life and want to pull a sickie, then remember you're the teacher.


    6. Waking up with a cold and knowing you still have to go to work.


    7. When you wake up at 6am and realise IT'S A SATURDAY but can't go back to sleep.

    Apatow Productions

    8. That one kid who knows the two little words that will eventually destroy you.


    "Because I say so, that's why!"

    9. When you're forced to shut down their incessant questions with this cop-out.

    Apatow Productions

    You've become that teacher you hated at school.

    10. When you lose your cool with a class and have to try to style it out.


    You're no better than your students sometimes.

    11. Bumping into a student somewhere ~awkward~.

    Twitter: @MrsTeacher_ / Getty

    Two young trendy female friends laughing in a clothing store as the one holds up a bra and panties to her body.

    12. When the younger kids don't spare your feelings.

    13. When you get asked The Question.

    14. When a student wants to ~discuss~ their grade.

    15. When your kids follow all your instructions to a tee.

    16. Realising your students are onto you.

    17. When your students don't even try.

    18. Feeling like King Canute battling the unceasing tide of kids who DGAF about the English language.

    19. That 3pm feeling.

    @jakelikesonions / Twitter: @HSTeachProbs

    20. Having to make copies of something.

    21. Someone, anyone, saying this:

    Jersey Films

    You will destroy them.

    There, fixed it for you:

    22. When your non-teacher friends moan about how much "holiday" you get.

    23. When it gets to 10pm and you still don't have a lesson plan for tomorrow.

    24. Finding out how much your non-teacher friends get paid. / Thinkstock

    25. Trying to book a trip to Spain then realising it costs double because it's in the school holidays.

    Apatow Productions

    It's the most unfair thing in the world.

    26. Friday finally arriving...

    Legendary Pictures

    ...but you feel like this:

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